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Nissan reinvents the 4 × 4 with the ‘e-4orce’ system

Nissan reinvents the 4 × 4 with the 'e-4orce' system

Nissan reinvents the 4 × 4 with the ‘e-4orce’ system

The electrification The automotive sector has opened the door to a notable increase, not only in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of performance, technology and safety. Something that until now was only available to supercars. In the car the torque delivery is key in any model of high performance. With electrification, anyone who bets on the electric car should know that they have more muscle and more power, but at the same time they demand control. Not everyone is ready to take advantage of this advantage.

This is not the case with Nissan, which in its new proposal represented with the new Nissan Ariya opens a new path towards the future of the crossover segment. Nissan has been working in the electrification environment for many years and the appearance of new models on the market has only done accelerate technology transformation.

Its dilated experience in the field of electric vehicles, which began there in 1947 with the Tama, together with the mastery in the off-road world (who else would invent the Patrol), have allowed that with the mass arrival of electrification the brand already have advanced solutions in all market segments. AND the 4×4 was not going to be an exception.

The Japanese brand has developed a new proposal to understand, take advantage of and propose solutions adapted to the electric vehicle to users, increasing the performance of the off-road vehicles of a lifetime. The works with The Attesa-e-ts torque-splitting technology of the sporty Nissan GT-R and the experience of the Patrol’s intelligent 4×4 drive system contributed to fine-tune the arrival of the e-4orce. Nissan will premiere with the new Ariya, your flagship for the next few years, this e-4orce technology.

Balance of benefits

With this traction system it is achieved balance the strength of torque delivery with user needs, adapting each touch of the accelerator and turning it into a dose of adrenaline. Uncontrolled speed is meaningless and that’s why with e-4orce, Nissan lets you savor all the ppower of torque offered by the electric car and combine it with safety and traction control. With the e-4orce The new era of 4x4s is beginning, and Nissan has come to offer it to the world from the first moment.

The name of e-4orce is not accidental. Obviously the ‘e’ responds to the electrification and the sound of the word ‘4orce’ is reminiscent of the strength of torque delivery. The ‘4’ obviously refers to four-wheel drive. The pair that is delivered with this technology allows to adapt it to each of the wheels individually and controlled. This technology manages power and braking, always offering a great feeling of mastery over the torque delivered by an electric vehicle.

The brand first introduced this system at the Las Vegas CES and in the Tokyo lounge 2019 mounted on a Nissan Leaf e +,Nissan Leaf e +, and it was not until the arrival of Ariya when you have decided to incorporate it as standard. Hereinafter all Nissan electric vehicles that adopt all-wheel drive will carry the e-4orce name.

Same power delivery

The distribution of power and torque on all four wheels differently adds a plus of security. The e-4orce works as an assistant that allows you to maintain the same energy delivery to move by vehicle at all times, making the most of acceleration and deceleration movements to maintain a stable and comfortable ride. The electrical system assumes the force from the two electric motors, located one on each axis. To date in the electric of Nissan only one engine was used to provide front-wheel drive, but with the Ariya a new space opens up.

The system e-4orce acts offering control over the chassis, power output and braking, achieving a better feel for the driver. All the power of the electric motor and its instantaneous torque is distributed according to the needs of each situation. That allows to have balance with the precision of the steering and the line drawn by the vehicle, turning what could be a runaway (electric) horse into a predictable and easy-to-drive vehicle even in sudden reaction situations. The system modulates constantly the power of each double electric motor, as well as the control of the brakes of each wheel, with the aim of generating a reliable control for the driver.

Neither understeer nor pitching

In a acceleration and cornering conventional, the vehicle has the tendency to project out of the curve (understeer), which the driver counteracts with a greater turn of the steering wheel and a reduction in speed. With the e-4orce distributes torque to all four wheels intelligently to obtain the most optimal grip at all times. The system defaults to distribute force 50/50 but depending on the needs power can be transferred to full both at front and rear wheels.

But the technology e-4orce de Nissan its mission does not end there. It also benefits from regenerative braking, one of the main qualities of the electric vehicle. When decelerating, energy is recovered that is directly sent to the battery. Deceleration force is optimally controlled on each of the four wheels, through a combination of regenerative braking and hydraulic braking, which improves turning and deceleration performance.

Since the system manages the braking and power of each wheel, when regenerative braking is activated on the front and rear electric motors, the system works to reduce vehicle pitch and lean, obtaining greater comfort. Goodbye to nodding and dizziness.

With the system e-4orce Nissan adds a new pillar to the 100% electric proposal for their new 4×4. The new era of sustainable off-road has arrived and the Nissan Ariya will be the first evangelizer.

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