Monday, January 24

No company comes forward to modernize the García Antón de San Vicente municipal car park

The Municipal underground car park on Calle Sol the sleep of the just continues to sleep, it has no signs of opening, so its implementation is still unknown. And the payment system in the city hall car park will not be modernized either. The government team of San Vicente del Raspeig planned to put into operation the parking in 2022; but nevertheless, no company has entered the contest for its remodeling.

The adaptation of the Ingeniero José Ramón García Antón car park is part of the works of the Plan Plan of the Provincial Council and for the city council it was the opportunity to start up an infrastructure in disuse since it was built.

The project, in turn, involved the modernization of the current parking lot on the ground floor of the Town Hall and whose parking meters are obsolete, so much so that it is not possible to pay with a card; Nor do it with bills of more than 10 euros.

This project was part of a package of two other actions that are going to come forward. The project that has been deserted had been put out to tender for just over 276,400 euros and an execution period of 3 months.

While they do have companies interested in the adaptation and improvement of the accessibility of the Auditorium of the Social Center, tendered for just over 450,000 euros; and the same performance for the multipurpose building on Capitán Torregrosa street, for a value of just over 486,000 euros.

The municipal group of Citizens is upset because it has fully demanded that the payment machines be replaced, and now they see the new delay as a new step backwards. “We have been asking the government team for more than two years to adapt the ATMs because it is shameful that you can only pay with coins and 5 or 10 euro bills,” declares councilor Jordi Roig.

“It is incomprehensible that they have not replaced the ATMs or at least installed a device that allows paying with a card and mobile phone in machines that do not even accept a 20-euro bill or more, which causes many users to have to leave the car park at look for a business that gives them change and thus be able to withdraw their vehicle ».

For the orange formation, the fact that the project has been deserted also means that there is no date for the Ingeniero García Antón car park built more than a decade ago to start up. And that the integration of the computer systems of both car parks is not carried out as planned. At the same time, while this integration is not developed, the announced change of direction of Velázquez and Pi i Margall streets is delayed to favor access to the center from Alicante.

Third floor

On the other hand, since this Monday the third floor of the public parking lot on the ground floor of the City Hall has been opened. Between the three floors it has a capacity of 335 places. The third floor has a total of 118. On the first floor there are 101 available, and on the second 116 places.

For the Councilor for Parking and Transport, Juan Antonio López Perona, this opening in the Christmas period will favor mobility and, in turn, local commerce in San Vicente.

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