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no criticizing your ex, goodbye kiss and series marathon

Have we changed our way of conceiving the first date? Although it is true that everything evolves, especially in these times of pandemic, there is something that remains intact and that is the fact that facing that initial personal contact continues to be one of the greatest challenges.

Virtual spaces are the starting point for most couples or flirts, but once the time has come to see each other’s faces, nerves are on the surface. A study of the AdoptaUnTio dating app, conducted at 1,800 people over the age of 18 Through its social channels, it reveals how young Spanish people now like to experience this romantic and passionate moment.

The first messages, first dates… situations as important as they are disturbing, which can be decisive for our lives. Faced with this new panorama and the new ways of communicating, questions arise such as: do I ask for your number? How long should it take to respond? what plan do I propose? Do I pay for dinner? Do I kiss you when we say goodbye?

“The social networks They have played a fundamental role in the new ways of relating in recent years and have brought about changes in our sentimental and sexual lives. Also, the consolidation of dating apps They have changed the lives of those who are looking for a partner in these times where relationships are so complex. Two people no longer have to coincide in space and time to get to know each other and any photo or comment can be a perfect excuse to start a conversation. Faced with this situation, many young people feel lost because they don’t know how to deal with the first conversation or the first meeting,” he comments Laura Sole, country manager de AdoptaUnTio.

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There is no manual with infallible rules for love, but you can follow these tips for those first steps thanks to the results of the aforementioned study.

Go slow and have no face

The rush was never good and the results are clear: 85% of young people say that they don’t like being asked for their number when they are in that flirting phase. Once you have the opportunity to continue that first contact, be original and do not fall into the typical. According to the study, more than half of those surveyed find it somewhat unpleasant to be complimented, so ask them first about their hobbies and get to know that person. There is no better compliment than interest! And a lot of tact when asking when the first meeting will be. This could cause stress.

How to start?

The objective of this first meeting is that, at the end, both people are so excited that they talk to their friends about you as soon as it is over and you are thinking about To repeat. Put on those clothes that you know fit you so well, choose your favorite perfume and write down the following tips.

The first step will be choosing a place to meet. “We advise you to choose a public place and never propose your house as a first option. Cafes, restaurants, cinemas… casual places where you can chat quietly and to which we recommend going separately. Never accept that he picks you up in his vehicle, it can cause awkward silences,” Laura Solé recommends.

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Any details to break the ice? Flowers! This gesture has not gone out of fashion and continues to arouse hope in women, according to 57% of those surveyed.

Be interested in his likes, not his ex

Once the first contact has been established, we face the challenge of maintaining a continuous thread of conversation interesting enough not to fall into boredom. How to do it? The vast majority of young people (97%) are attracted to being interested in them with questions aimed at talk about their lives: hobbies, favorite restaurants, pets, experiences, work, studies… whatever, any topic is good to get to know each other.

But, as in all facets of life, there are limits and curiosity does too. The study reveals that talk about past relationships It is one of the topics that they least like (57%) and criticism of exes is frowned upon by 90%. So leave it for later. Or better yet, turn the page and focus on the future.

Avoid “me”

Try to keep the conversation lively and fair, ensuring there is time for both of you talk about your life, “me” is unpleasant to 95% of people. On the other hand, being interested in the things that they are telling you and remembering them at some point in the conversation to account for your attention are details that everyone likes (98%) and that will make you succeed.

Of course, do not hesitate at some point to open up and tell him some of your problems and concerns. This will bring out your most human side, as 91% of young people consider it.

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Let mobile aside and focus on the person in front of you, it’s horrible to talk to someone who is more aware of the screen than of you.

You pay, don’t forget the kiss and the series marathon

At the end of the first date comes the awkward moment of paying, where we ask ourselves the big question: Do I invite or do we split the bill? 58% of girls say they wouldn’t mind being invited.

The farewell is another of the most awkward moments of the date. Do not force or pressure yourself, but if you have seen that the date has gone well and you think it was reciprocated… go for it. 72% of people are in favor of a goodbye kiss as a finishing touch on the first date, although it is always better to hint or ask.

Once at home and the ice is broken, what can you propose to meet again? 93% see a series marathon as an irresistible plan so… Go ahead!

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