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No direct exit to the sandy area for residents of 3,500 homes in Playa de San Juan

This problem, which the neighborhood association Together Advance of San Juan Beach has been claiming for years, affects more than 7,000 people who live in PAU 5, a new residential area in the municipality of Alicante, which multiplies its population in high season. The entity took the claim back to the mayor, Luis Barcala, and to the councilor for Urbanism, Adrián Santos Pérez, on March 24, before the arrival of the Holy Week and the holidays of Easter, and with it of the first baths of the neighbors and visitors of the province. A meeting that ended without compromise, hence “the manifest dissatisfaction with the treatment that is being given by the City Council to the vital projects of our neighborhood, and therefore to all the residents of the Beach,” said the neighborhood representative, José Caracena.

Neighbors access the TRAM stop on the road with the broken gate or use private roads. JOSE NAVARRO

In this sense, from the Department of Urbanism they explained that there is a sentence following a judicial process with the promoters of the area that has forced to modify the initially planned urbanization, and that the planning is being redone by this judicial ruling. What’s more, the bipartisan warns that the path that neighbors now use to go to the beach is private and that it should be closed, to which the owners will be urged or a file will be opened, they point out. Be that as it may, the new residents around the Democracia roundabout, Maestro José Garberí Serrano avenue and Pasión street have to face a real odyssey every day to get to Niza avenue, taking a walk of almost a kilometer and entering a path of broken fences due to the lack of streets that connect the buildings of the second and third lines of PAU 5 with Avenida de Niza.

“Cyclists, mothers with trolleys and people laden with suitcases pass by on that road full of bushes”



«We did not find a satisfactory answer, not even a provisional one, to reassure the association and the residents of PAU 5, who at the moment have nowhere to go to the beach or to the stop to catch the TRAM. We do not rule out taking pressure measures to be heard by the Alicante City Council on these issues and on the deviation of bus line 22, “says Caracena. Mobilizations that do not finish calling due to the covid restrictions. “We are holding back but this tires us, they give licenses to new homes but then there is no access to either the beach or the promenade or to take the tram.” Neighbors like Rubén Gómez define this “semi-finished” area that is used as a shortcut as “a dump, it is not in condition, and it is all full of bushes. Cyclists enter this way, people loaded with suitcases to take the tram and with baby carriages ».

“The promenade on avenue de Niza is still pending although the project has been drawn up”



Caracena, for his part, adds that on this road there is a problem of rats “in an area that the City Council sells as privileged and tourism.” The association emphasizes that “we are talking about more than 3,500 homes that need access to the beach with streets as God intended, like those they have in the rest of Avenida de Niza. People have had to break barbed wire, it is a narrow and very uncomfortable path. They make the excuse that you have to expropriate to make the accesses to the promenade. PAU 5 is a wide and wide area, which would need to have not one, but several fairways in good condition. Why do they give building permission for apartments with sea views if people cannot go to the beach directly, or have to go out with the car through the undergrowth and on the dirt roads, “impractical because of the mud when it rains.

Another neighborhood complaint is the delay in the execution of the Niza avenue promenade, which is about to end in front of PAU 5 and up to the border with El Campello in the Muchavista area. In the meeting with the mayor and the councilor, he told them that the project for the walk has already been written “but he says there is no money and its execution is continually postponed. We agree that the needs of all neighborhoods are covered, but we must not forget that Playa de San Juan is one of the main attraction points for visitors to Alicante ».

The latest claim is the lack of parking for an area that in a normal summer, like those before the pandemic, reached more than 300,000 people. “That is why the association has decided to ask for the second tram line, L5, so that people have more means of transport to come.”

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