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no doctor, no gym and even no gas

  • The players of the Madrid team denounce the serious deficiencies that they experience in their day-to-day lives as athletes and that already affect their health

  • The club has stopped paying rent for several flats, arguing that they are not contractually bound to provide housing for their players

Without doctor, without Gym, even without gas in a house that they could be kicked out of at any moment and that their club should be paying for. And, on top of that, charging late for labor contracts that were not signed until the preseason started. The precariousness has long become routine in the women’s team of the Vallecano Ray, whose players can no longer take what they consider a permanent insult to the club they play for. “It has already become a problem with risks to our health,” they denounce.

Last Sunday an event occurred that filled the patience of both the Vallecan players and their teammates from the rest of the teams. During his match against Athletic, the soccer player Camila Saez suffered a strong blow in a set with a rival. The Bilbao doctor immediately came to attend to his footballer, but the Rayo did not do the same. Why? Because the Ray does not send any doctor with its first women’s team. It was the visiting doctor who had to attend to Sáez until the professionals of the ambulance hired for the game arrived at the player’s position to transfer her to a hospital.

According to his companion and captain, Pilar GarciaNobody from the club contacted Sáez in the following days to inquire about his health. “In the end everything was in a gap and the Athletic doctor was there to attend to her quickly, but it could have been something much more serious. It could have been a heart attack during training, “García denounced, also pointing out that they lack medical services at their disposal during training.

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Be quiet

This newspaper has contacted Rayo to be able to speak with a spokesperson for the club and compile his version of the events and complaints that are compiled in this report. The communication department, however, sends any assessment in this regard to official publications on the club’s website and social networks. From the environment of the president, Raúl Martín Presa, recognize that Rayo has things to improve in their women’s team, but they consider that the criticism is disproportionate and that the owner of the club has become an “easy target”, something that they largely attribute to the well-known enmity between him and the president of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE), David aganzo,

In reality, the lack of specific medical care is just one of the many grievances that Rayo players suffer on a day-to-day basis. They also do not have a gym in their training facilities. By LaLiga covid protocol, the only one in the sports city has to be for the exclusive use of the men’s first teamSo the Lightning decided to leave them without the possibility of using that gym or any other, after having promised to build an alternative one. “I don’t have a gym of my own for my players either, but I have an agreement with a nearby one so that they can use it. It’s the minimum,” they explain from a Second-tier club, with much less resources than Rayo. The players have also denounced the lack of sport equipment in training.

The floors

However, the problems and neglect of the Rayo footballers far exceed the sports field. Twelve players currently live in five floors rented by the club itself, some of them for several seasons. From one day to the next, the Madrid club decided that it was not going to continue paying for those homes. “In the contracts it is not contemplated that the players have the right to live in flats rented at the expense of the club. It was a situation that had been happening previously and that the club has decided to stop. It is their right,” they explain from Raúl’s surroundings Martín Presa, president of Rayo.

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“The documentation for the rental of the five flats was signed by Rayo Vallecano staff, with club seal and with club money. Therefore, the responsibility lies with Rayo “, they reply from the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE), who heads the representation of the soccer players. As ‘El Periódico de España’ has learned, in one of those floors the situation is already extreme, given that the gas supply company has cut the service because the Ray has stopped paying the bills, a fact that has already been denounced.


Related news

From the surroundings of Martín Presa they attribute some of these situations to the abrupt departure in the summer of a senior executive of the club who was in charge of all the procedures, including financial ones, related to women’s football. That person, according to another source, acted with a great margin of autonomy within the club and the Board of Directors was unaware of practices such as renting flats. According to El Español, the club is now investigating whether that former employee diverted money from the club and falsified documents, some of them related to these floors.

Another of the claims of the players has to do with the rlate payments payroll. The collective agreement specifies that, unless otherwise agreed (which in this case does not exist), they must be paid during the last five days of each month, but the Rayo players are charging each month in arrears. “It is common in more clubs,” says a person close to the president. “We have only received a complaint from this team, so we understand that the rest of the clubs are complying,” replies AFE, which has reported to the Labor Inspectorate both the delays in payments and the medical neglect of the players.

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