Thursday, October 28

no mask and more than two people together

Agents of the Local Police of Alicante yesterday with several groups of young people.

Agents of the Local Police of Alicante yesterday with several groups of young people.

The good weather after an unpleasant weekend due to the strong wind attracted this Tuesday at Postiguet and San Juan beaches to many young people who have relaxed and do not seem to be aware of the threat of the risk of contagion by the dreaded covid-19especially due to the danger of later infecting relatives who are older and they are exposed to more serious consequences if they are affected by the coronavirus.

About thirty of these young people returned to their homes with a proposed penalty in their pockets, since despite the restrictions agreed by the Generalitat, both on Postiguet beach and on San Juan beach a good number of groups of more than two young people could be seen enjoying the sunny day and many of them without wearing the protection mask. Until last Sunday it was not mandatory to wear the mask on the beach, but since this past Monday it has. The other offense was meeting in groups of more than two people, when are limited to a maximum of two people, unless they are cohabiting.

The Local Police yesterday afternoon on the Postiguet beach.

This situation of youthful chaos caused many citizen complaints and only when the Local Police agreed yesterday afternoon to the sand of the Postiguet beach and the agents began to draw up sanction certificates, the furthest young people began to put on the mask to avoid the fine, rather than as a protection measure.

The deployment of the Local Police on the Postiguet beach, which coincided with the record of people killed in the province of Alicante -59- due to the coronavirus, was translated in a few minutes in 22 sanction proposals, of which thirteen were for not wearing a mask and nine for meetings of more than two people. On the beach of San Juan, five minutes were also raised yesterday for not wearing the mask and two other proposals for sanctioning groups of young people who did not keep their distance. On Monday there were 39 sanctions imposed in Alicante for these same reasons.

Riot in the sand

The president of the neighborhood association “Together We Advance Playa de San Juan”, Jose Caracena, contacted the Local Police on Tuesday to demand a greater presence in the area and above all that it be constant, because in the last two days a certain “riot” has been noticed, both in the sand and on the walk, and many people fail to comply the sanitary norms to prevent contagions. According to Caracena, conflicts are already taking place between citizens who wear a mask and those who do not, yesterday without going any further, and a greater police presence would prevent it. This type of conflict is also repeated in the urban area. Suffice as an example that of a citizen who on Monday was threatened by another whom he reproached for not wearing a mask. We will have to hope that sanity reigns and the blood does not reach the river. The mask has come to stay, just like the covid.

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