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No more losing things: the pack of four AirTags drops in price again on Amazon to 23 euros each

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Apple AirTags are one of the most useful products of this company for its users, and they also have a relatively affordable price when they can be found on sale like now.

We are used to Apple selling devices for at least 100 or 200 euros, with some exceptions if we talk about cables, chargers and little else, so the resounding success of AirTags, its object locator device that has a price well below that figure.

Officially the AirTags cost 35 euros per unit, but they are cheaper if you buy them in a pack of four (119 euros, at least in their store). If you want to save even more, Amazon has the solution, and it is that it has reduced the pack of four AirTag only 95 euros, so it comes out to approximately 23 euros each, a bargain.

With four in all you will have more than enough to always locate your bag, purse, backpack or even bicycle or scooterand there are many people who introduce an AirTag inside the frame in case it is stolen, they always know where it is.

Pack of four AirTag at Amazon

There is no doubt about the usefulness of these devices, which also they do not need a mobile network to work and that they are simply linked to any Apple device that is in the vicinity, so that they triangulate the signal to place them on the map. Obviously, this makes the location of the AirTag much better in urban environments.

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The indications are visual, either with a point on the map or with directional signs when you are very close to finding the lost object. You can also activate the audible alarm if you prefer.

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Although there are alternatives to AirTags that have been on the market for a long time, they have not been nearly as successful as these locators, especially due to the duration of their battery and the need, yes or yes, of some type of data network. usually with a SIM that costs money every month.

If you are clear that you want and need at least one, the AirTag pack that Amazon sells much cheaper is a good opportunity to stop constantly losing everythingeven if it’s at home. Includes free shipping anywhere in Spain.

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