Thursday, April 15

“No one is to blame for Ramos’ injury”

  • The white coach avoids arguing about the loss of the captain and recovers Kroos against Eibar

  • “We have 15 games left that are 15 finals,” emphasizes the coach, who passes the Haaland affair and insists that he will not risk with Hazard

Zinedine Zidane does not want trouble. Not even with the injury of Sergio Ramos, nor with the movements to try to sign Erling haaland nor of course with the call for elections to the presidency that probably won’t even be celebrated. The French coach only thinks about the visit of the Eibar of this Saturday (4.15pm), and perhaps it is one of the few that does it in a club that lives a busy Easter.

“We are entering the final stretch, in which all the games are important. We have 15 games left, which are 15 finals“, said the coach, in an attempt to focus the shot on a club with many new fronts opened in recent days, in addition to those already known: the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals on Tuesday against him Liverpool and the classic of next weekend, in which the white team will play any option to fight for the League, although going in tow in the classification is essential before fulfilling against Eibar.

No culprits

For this game, Zidane is left without Ramos, who after two months off with Madrid played two incomplete games with his club before missing the last game again before the break, despite which he left with La Roja. He added two caps with Spain and left Hassan Ahmed’s record with shot (184 to 180), but will be lost next month of competition. “Nobody is to blame, neither the national team nor Madrid. I think it was good to go with the national team. It’s true that he didn’t play with us in the last game, but after three or four days he felt better. ”

The French coach has always been in favor of the continuity of the camero. “We know the player and the captain that he is. He always wants to be,” he stressed about Ramos, who has not renewed. Could the call for elections affect this renewal? “I don’t know. I don’t think so. What we want is for Sergio to stay here. It’s my feeling as a coach, because of what Sergio is as a player, what he has done and what he represents. “

Kroos is about

Opposite to Ramos is the case of Toni Kroos. The German was summoned by Germany but once in the concentration he alleged muscular problems and Joachim LΓΆw allowed him to return to Madrid. The German midfielder has entered the call for the Eibar match, a relief for Zidane, who can not count on Fede Valverde, although it did not guarantee its ownership. “He trained with us today and we will see. As there are many games, we are not going to play dumb either. We’ll see how we manage it. “

This Friday he also trained with the rest of the squad Eden Hazard, although it is not on the list. As Zidane already said, this time there will be no rush with the Belgian. “We have no plan. We go day by day. We are not going to force anything.”, said the coach, without getting wet about his possible presence in the classic or in the tie against Liverpool. “I don’t see him in five days, or in a week, ten days … Nothing. If it’s in three days, better for us. If it’s in ten, well, we’ll see. The most important thing is the day to day. He is better and we are happy because he is a little more with the team. Later, the game, we will see. “

It may interest you

Not to mention Haaland

Determined to talk about Eibar and forget about the classic and Liverpool, the attempts to get him to position himself on the tour of the father and the representative of Haaland with a stop in Madrid they have been empty. “He is not a player of mine. Everything that can happen outside … I will not go into these things. I get tired of saying it, I will answer the same thing. My job is day to day and preparing the next game. What is going to happen next year, I don’t know. ” Nor has he wasted much time talking about the complaints of Kylian MbappΓ© about his critics. Zidane is for Eibar, and perhaps he is the only one.

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