Monday, October 25

No person – Information

Well, all this social fabric based on scientific knowledge and the norms of a democratic society is collapsing in a very visible way. Just think about the new words or the new meaning that is being attributed to certain words. Before a society changes, the words that served to define the life of that society change. This is well known to all those who have lived in a totalitarian society: first the words change, which suddenly acquire a new meaning, almost always unknown, and from there the ground is already prepared for the society and behavior of people to change as well. the people who live in that society. If the meaning of the words is altered – that is, if the words become new mutant creatures – the society using those words is already prepared to become a mutant society. And its citizens, without knowing it, are already prepared to behave in a way that they would never have imagined; and worse still, of which they probably would have been ashamed if they had not first learned to use the word mutant that gave new meaning to their own behavior and that somehow predetermined it.

We have many examples. If the word ‘person’ can be converted – as happened in the Soviet Union – into its reverse (‘not person’), which applies to former aristocrats and former Tsarist officials and to all people who are not considered ‘trustworthy’ for Under the new political regime, the individual person may be subjected to all kinds of humiliations and legal aberrations, and somehow, the Gulag death camps are already contained in that new word, ‘non-person’. And for the same reason, if the word ‘man’ -as it happened in Nazi Germany- can become ‘subman’ or ‘subhuman’ (Untermensch), to refer to Jews, Gypsies and Slavs and other classes of people considered monstrous, that new word already contains in itself the extermination camp in which the ‘submen’ are going to be eliminated from the face of the earth for simple reasons of social ecology. Everything is very simple. It is enough to create the word ‘subman’ to make it possible for that ‘subman’ to be eliminated accordingly. It is enough to create the word ‘non-person’ so that all the people considered ‘non-persons’ are sent to the slaughterhouse. It never fails.

These days, between us, certain words have appeared that are altering the sense of reality that until now we knew. ‘Pregnant person’, ‘menstruating person’, ‘lactating person’, for example. These words are not only ugly -very ugly-, but they are also intended to replace the old word that until now we used to define people who were pregnant, menstruating or nursing their children: the word ‘woman’, a word that exists in all the languages โ€‹โ€‹of the world, from the Sanskrit to the Hebrew of the Bible, just as the word ‘man’ or ‘male’ exists. According to the teachings of biology, which until now founded our way of interpreting reality -and therefore, of naming it-, only a woman could conceive a child thanks to the uterus and thanks to the biological organs that make a pregnancy possible. so that only a woman could breastfeed a child or menstruate. They were biological facts that seemed unquestionable, just like biological sex, which was attributed based on a simple genetic reality: chromosomes and somatic cells. The XX chromosomes identified the female, while the XY chromosomes identified the male. It is true that there were – very rare – cases of males with XX chromosomes due to a genetic alteration. But those cases could be treated with surgery or hormonal medication.

What is a ‘pregnant person’? And a ‘menstruating person’? We do not know very well, but what is obvious is that this new reality is a reality that has been modified and altered and perhaps hopelessly contaminated and destroyed. In a way, this new reality is no longer a pregnant woman or a woman. We can’t even be sure it’s a person. It is something new, a hybrid, a mutant creature, something that we do not really know what it is -like the chimeras or harpies of classical mythology-, and that does not belong to the realm of biology, which is the realm of reality, but to the abstruse and malleable and extremely dangerous territory of ideology. As ‘not person’. Or like Untermensch.

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