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No: what the heck is Jordan Peele’s new movie about? | Jordan peele

Ythis day, seemingly out of nowhere, Jordan Peele Announced the name and poster of his third film. The movie is called Nope and the poster is a picture of a sinister-looking storm cloud hovering over a mountain town. Do we know what it is about? No. Do we have any information about the movie? No. Would it be a good idea for us to try to extrapolate the premise of the movie using nothing more than a one-word title and an image of a cloud? No. Are we going to do it anyway? Sure why not.

1 A movie about ‘nope’

Spend any time online and you will hear about the “nope” scenes in the movies; moments that are jarring or unpleasant or stupid enough to make the audience think “No.” A couple of years ago, someone on Quora asked, “What’s the best ‘NOPE’ scene in a movie?” Another user mentioned the Brian Yuzna Horror Society, especially the scene where a man’s face emerges from a butt. Meanwhile, a Buzzfeed Last year’s article on the same topic featured such treats as the ending of The Blair Witch Project, the foot licking scene from Gerald’s Game, and the television tracking scene from The Ring. This may be premature, but don’t be surprised if Nope turns out to be a relentless barrage of grotesque scenes designed to overwhelm all who watch.

two A sequel to Get Out

The three actors featured on Nope’s poster are Steven Yeun, Keke Palmer and, meeting Jordan Peele for the first time since Get Out, Daniel Kaluuya. You will remember, of course, that the Kaluuya character was one of the only figures to survive the events of Get Out. Could Nope be a continuation of his story? Could we know what happened to him after the thoughtless trauma of the Sunken Place? Do you retreat to a mountain town that is subsequently terrorized by a cloud? It’s a long shot, but don’t rule it out.

3 A movie on a cloud

Just because Jordan Peele has found wealth and accolades directing horror movies doesn’t necessarily mean Nope will do the same. Sure, you can look at that cloud and have a terrible feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach, but what if you’re wrong? What if Nope is actually a Pixar-style romp about an unfortunate sentient cloud that just wants to help people? The cloud sees a boy trapped on a raft in a river and tries to rescue him, but Oops! – Accidentally causes a devastating flood. He sees a man about to run out of charge on his phone and decides to use his electrical power to turn it on, but oh no! – accidentally sets a whole apple on fire. Finally, after some kind of crazy adventure, he learns to accept himself. Nope’s IMDb page also lists movement title superstar Terry Notary as a cast member. You might think they’ll use it to play some kind of CGI monstrosity in Nope. I, on the other hand, am convinced that it will essentially play the cloud version of Mr Bean.

4 A movie about The Great British Bake Off

You will notice that the cloud on Nope’s poster has a chain of pennants behind it. In truth, that’s what makes it so unsettling; There is nothing so innocently joyous as a pennant, and seeing it flap powerlessly from a dark cloud hints that we are witnessing the aftermath of unspeakable devastation. My theory here is that the cloud descended from the sky and ate the Great British Bake Off store adorned with pennants. I don’t want to get too excited about something that hasn’t been confirmed, but I’m sure it’s the scene where Paul Hollywood frantically throws a procession of fairy cakes into an evil cloud of sharp teeth to keep it from biting him. half will win an Oscar.

5 A film about a two-year-old boy.

Perhaps the scariest movie of all is a movie that simply trains a camera to train a two-year-old in the middle of a mealtime tantrum. Please can you have dinner? NOT. Just three bites? NOT. So, a bite. Can you have a bite? NOT. Please eat something. I love you and I don’t want you to starve. NOT. Okay, I’ll eat your dinner. Is that what you want? NOT. So what? Tell me what you want. NOT. Why? Why are you doing me this? I used to be so young. I used to have a lot of energy. NOT. This movie will run for 48 hours.

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