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Noah Green: The Attacker in the Onslaught of the US Congress “Was Collapsing,” According to His Brother | International

Exact undated photo of Noah Green.
Exact undated photo of Noah Green.– / AFP

The American Noah Green, the young man identified by the security forces as the person responsible for the attack on the Capitol last Friday, was convinced that the Federal Government controlled his mind and had declared on the networks that he had recently lost his job due to his problems . “To be honest, these last few years have been tough and the last few months have been tougher,” he wrote on Facebook. This is confirmed by his brother Brendan, quoted by the US media: “He was collapsing.”

On Thursday, the day before Green decided for unknown reasons to ram his car into one of the entrances to the US Capitol, leaving a police officer dead and another wounded, Noah Green behaved very violently and left the apartment he had been in. gone to live with his brother in Virginia.

A text message sent by Noah to Brendan, and perhaps one of the last communications of the young man, read the following: “Sorry, I’m leaving, to live alone and end up being homeless (homeless) ”, Brendan explains what the text said. “Thank you for everything you have done for me. I have always had you as a reference since I was a child. You have inspired me a lot ”, he wrote to his brother.

Less than 24 hours later, Noah Green crashed a car into two policemen guarding the Capitol, then went out and attacked with a knife in his hand. Green was killed by another police officer who watched what happened.

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Born in Fairlea, West Virginia, Green was 25 years old and belonged to a family of seven sisters and two brothers. In 2019 he graduated in finance from the public university of Newport News -Christopher Newport University- and became the captain of the school’s football team for two seasons in a row. Both family and friends, always cited by the North American media, remember that Green blamed his colleagues from studies and sports for having drugged him with xanas (a drug to control anxiety that young people use as a recreational drug). According to Green, that episode made him addicted to drugs and his life was hell.

During that time he immersed himself in religion, declaring himself a fervent follower of the Nation of Islam. Green considered the Islamist leader Louis Farrakhan the Messiah, and even donated more than $ 1,000 to his group. One of the last stories that the young man posted on his Facebook page – now deactivated – was a link to a video by Elijah Muhammad, founder of the Nation of Islam, a religious organization founded in the 1930s in the United States in order to awaken the social, economic and spiritual awareness of African Americans within the precepts of Islam. Figures such as Malcolm X and boxer Cassius Clay belonged to this organization, who changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

The nation’s Capitol woke up with flags at half mast this Saturday and there were no additional police forces visible after the attack. The members of the city’s National Guard who were quickly deployed last Friday as soon as the attack took place were evident. In less than three months, since the insurrection of January 6, three Capitol police officers have lost their lives. “I pray you have the Capitol Police in your prayers, this has been a very difficult time for us,” Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman said Friday. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, defined the dead agent as “a martyr for democracy.” From Camp David, the vacation residence (about 100 kilometers from Washington) where the president of the United States celebrates Easter, Biden declared that his heart was broken by the news.

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Law enforcement officials were looking for a motive the day after the attack that they may never find. In the social networks that Green managed, whether it was Facebook or Instagram, the young African-American assured that the federal government was the enemy number of the blacks and that it controlled his mind. In his opinion, both the FBI and the CIA were keeping an eye on him. In the past year, Noah Green had moved house several times, ending up living with his brother Brendan. In one of those transfers, Noah told Brendan that he had gone to live in Indianapolis (the capital of the State of Indiana) because “drugs had inspired him to go there.”

Green suffered from “hallucinations, palpitations, headaches and had suicidal thoughts,” according to his brother Brendan. In an unusual geographical leap, he flew to Botswana a few months ago, where he told his brother he had thrown himself into a moving car that left him with injuries that required surgery in a hospital. “Since my childhood, my faith has always led me through the toughest battles,” Green wrote in a Facebook note on March 17. “I was able to graduate with honors, get a well-paid job as I finished college, despite not having grown up under the best of circumstances.” Whatever crossed his mind ended up leading him to end the life of one policeman, seriously injure another, and cause his own death.

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