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Noah Syndergaard defended Derek Jeter after statements by Carlos Correa: “It was a bit ridiculous”

Noah Syndergaard pitched against the Miami Marlins in the 2021 MLB seasons.

Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

The new pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, Noah Syndergaard, joined the controversy between Derek Jeter and Carlos Correa, to defend the legendary shortstop of the New York Yankees and Point out the Puerto Rican player as “ridiculous.”

Syndergaard did not like the statements made by Correa about the Golden Gloves that Derek Jeter won, therefore, He has already started throwing darts at the current player who is in free agency.

The right-hand pitcher was interviewed on MLB Network and among the many questions he was asked, he was curious about Which players would you like to strike out with Thor’s hammer? The answer was direct and without hesitation:

“Carlos Correa. [No por] the obvious reason, but simply because of what he said about Derek Jeter not deserving of his gold gloves. I think it was a little ridiculous to say“Thor ‘sentence.

Words from Carlos Correa that made Syndergaard upset

Puerto Rican Carlos Correa, who is one of the most coveted players in the current MLB free agency, starred in a new controversy in baseball after stating that Derek Jeter didn’t deserve to win any of the Golden Gloves.

Derek Jeter How many Golden Gloves did he win? 5? Derek Jeter didn’t deserve any. Do you know how many defensive run saves he has in his career? -160 in his career. The eye can lie to you, but the numbers cannot, ”said the former Houston Astros player.

Derek Jeter had already responded to Correa

The captain of the New York Yankees, Derek Jeter responded to the controversy caused by Puerto Rican Carlos Correa, who questioned the Golden Gloves which the current Cooperstown Hall of Famer earned throughout his MLB career.

In a press conference held as part of a Miami Marlins social event, the current executive director and owner of the team, He was asked about Correa’s strong statements, to which he responded without much problem.

“I did hear about it. I didn’t really pay much attention, I don’t even know how my name came to that conversation. My Spanish is not that good and we need to see the full interview. I don’t know how my name came out and I really don’t think it even deserves an answer “Jeter responded bluntly.

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