Monday, November 29

Nobody moves, nobody attacks and the Vuelta goes numb

  • The weekend in the mountains of Extremadura and Ávila was wasted based on leaks and without any movement in the general classification.

When Odd Christian Eiking, an unknown cyclist, member of a modest team sponsored by a supermarket chain, waited and looked at the stopwatch behind the podium in Rincón de la Victoria, he saw that a dream that no rider does not give up became a reality. It was going to be, by surprise and with the authorization of the stars of the race, the leader of the Vuelta. Maybe a couple of days, not much more. And here we have it. The unthinkable and unheard of; He will arrive with the red jersey to the second week of the race, a garment that he will be able to keep at least until the top of the Lakes of Covadonga, next Wednesday in Asturias.

Quick they go. This Sunday, Rafal MajkaAnother solo triumph, a caste escape, he won at El Barraco at an average of 40 kilometers per hour. The Vuelta seems to be numbing but, surely, this Sunday there was not a single slope to break and smash the race. They all went to the Intermarche wheel, the team of Eiking And, of course, the Vuelta cannot allow it to be one of the most modest teams in the world peloton to become the driver of the race. It will be that no.

Surely, Jose Maria Jimenez, whom they called El Chava, would have twisted with rage when he saw that the Vuelta reached his town without anyone attacking itself; a cruising rhythm, fast, yes, but all wheeling through the stages in which I trained Carlos Tailor, winner of the 2008 Tour.

Because it was just like that, a training stage with the number on the back, you know Primoz Roglic and Enric Mas neither Eiking, neither Guillaume MartinThe French cyclist is much more dangerous than the Norwegian, they are opponents and that in Asturias, Wednesday and Thursday, there is enough toughness for the Vuelta to turn upside down. Otherwise it is not understood, unless everyone considered that the Avila peaks of La Centenera, Pedro Bernardo, Mijares and San Juan de la Nava were a kind of highway that took them to another highway, which they all had to do at the same time. finish the stage to go by coach to Santander, where this Monday the Spanish round will rest.

Mother he ate the entire stage on the run and won the memory of his deceased father this year. The Jumbo gave freedom to Steven Kruijswijk so that it was launched without success to the capture of the Polish runner. His second place at El Barraco was indicative of what his team thought about the stage and that it was the same as he confessed But after crossing the finish line. “The track was not the best to have the battle that was expected.” Had there been consistent ports and fear of an offensive against Roglic, the Jumbo would never have allowed Kruijswijk in front. He would have been quiet next to his Slovenian boss in case he needed him at some point.

Yachts only

Just moved Adam Yates, which only scratched 15 seconds. “There was no great port to define,” he added. Superman. Thus, as happened on Saturday, Eiking signed another day and there are already six as leader of the test. “It would be surreal for me to win the Vuelta and it has already been for me to get to the front of the race after this weekend. But the two stages in Asturias are too tough for me,” he admitted Eiking, which at least does not give rise to a surprise in the style of the victories of Eric Caritoux in 1984 and Marco Giovannetti in 1990.

The pity was that a weekend was allowed to pass, where there is more public on the roads and in front of the television, more people waiting for an attack between the stars that did not occur. Not even an attempt, a manifestation of offense. Nothing at all. So sad.

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