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Noelia, Lis Vega, Celia Lora; the famous ones who teach everything in OnlyFans

No matter what your profession is, there will always be a platform to show you uncensored.

It seems that this is how some celebrities consider the platform OnlyFans, in which they have decided to reinvent themselves and try a new concept parallel to their daily work.

An example is Bad Rodriguez who, in addition to rapping and performing at major festivals, also likes to share “drunk yoga” (doing yoga while drinking alcoholic beverages) with his followers.

The decision caused a series of criticisms of the Spanish, since some netizens pointed out that she had a double standard, being against prostitution and at the same time promoting a platform that mostly contains erotic-sexual content.

Meanwhile, the Cuban actress and singer Lis Vega announced that its content on OnlyFans will be explicit, so if on Instagram it comes out with very little clothes and in sensual positions, it promises more daring material for the platform created in 2016.

In the present age, several other famous celebrities have chosen to sign up and share their own content. And although much of the material on the portal is erotic or pornographic, OnlyFans also includes creations by experts in exercise routines and health and beauty tips.

Site customers, or “fans,” can have direct contact with content creators through direct messages. The creator receives 80 percent of the profits, while the remaining 20 is kept by the platform to cover various payments.

In an interview for BuzzFeed published this year, Tim Stokely, creator of the site, indicated that every 24 hours 200,000 new users and 7,000 content creators were added.

In Mexico, the platform has been used by celebrities such as Mary Levy, daughter of Mariana Levy and Ariel López Padilla; and Celia Lora, who, realizing the success, created her own online platform, similar to OnlyFans.

And the “wapayaso” Daniel Padilla, in addition to rejoicing with routines in the group of muscular clowns, also does it on the platform, showing him how God brought him into the world and in erotic scenes.

For its part, Argentina Sabrina sabrok is another of the personalities who happened to publish their material to OnlyFans. The Puerto Rican singer Noelia He also did not hesitate to open his account to post very suggestive photos and videos.

Model Blac Chyna, rapper Cardi B, former porn star Mía Khalifa, and actress Bella Thorne have also made content for the platform. According to the BBC, Thorne even raised two million dollars in a week from his posts on the website.

Other celebrities who have become involved with this website include actor and musician Tyler Posey, known for playing Scott McCall on the series Teen Wolf; rapper Tyga, former Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner; and Chris Brown, who charges $ 20 a month.

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