Monday, October 18

Noguera justifies for the breaches the refusal to sign invoices to a company

The mayor of Infrastructures of Orihuela, Angel Noguera (Cs), admitted yesterday not signing the certifications and payment invoices that the company awarded the maintenance, conservation and repair of roads and public spaces in Orihuela Costa passes every month and he justified it because, he assured, there are “breaches of the contract and with the aim of” saving my possible responsibility “for them. This was indicated in the investigation commission to which he submitted yesterday after requesting it two of the opposition parties, PSOE and Cambiemos Orihuela to find out the situation in which this contract is found after the disagreements between the concessionaire company, Zaplana Caselles, and the City Council, since the company accuses the Department of Infrastructures of withholding its invoices. “I have no problem with the current winning company, with which in fact my council maintains other recently awarded contracts,” Noguera said after the commission.

According to Noguera, the alleged deficiencies of the contract, which has been operating since, have been pointed out by his part in the administrative sphere and, yesterday, in the commission. The mayor acknowledged that there is “a discrepancy of criteria in the application of the contract” with which he has been a supervising technician, “precisely by virtue of certain circumstances that I consider breaches of contract and the technician has not.” The civil servant has been giving the approval to the different works that the concessionaire has done, as supervisor of the contract, but the mayor admits that he considers that these works are not well carried out.

This official is on leave due to anxiety and has asked the mayor to leave the supervision of the contract, accusing the mayor of Infrastructure of alleged “pressure” and “interference”, which led him to file a complaint for alleged workplace harassment against Ángel Noguera before the Committee of Occupational Health and Safety of the City Council, which opened a municipal investigation. The accused mayor himself announced yesterday that the committee, in a report it received in the morning, has rejected the complaint of harassment “denying that there has been any kind of pressure, threat or reduction of rights or resources at the disposal of the complainant technician on my part ». That official refused to appear in the commission and sent a letter with his position.

For its part, the PSOE asked both the mayor of Infrastructure and the mayor, Emilio Bascuñana (who also appeared in the commission), to initiate the procedure for the review of the contract “that would resolve what is happening.” Its spokesperson, Carolina Gracia, regretted that the commission “was of little use” after Noguera provided “an extensive report” 10 minutes before appearing. “We will not know if the accusations and information that both the technician and the concession company show in their writings are true.”

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