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NoPixel GTA RP streamer SAVx faked his own death after being banned

Koil, owner and lead developer of the popular NoPixel server for the online role-playing game “Grand Theft Auto,” announced Wednesday that former Twitch streamer SAVx faked his own death.

SAVx played Johnny Cassle on the NoPixel server before being permanently banned in November 2020. SAVx was banned after being caught using an aimbotter, that was evident in this clip. Then he disappeared in December and in January it was announced that he had died.

However, rumors that SAVx was still alive began circulating last week when Koil brought the issue into your stream. Koil initially opened SAVx’s Twitter page, but it later turned out that a fan had rebooted the account to keep the username alive. But then Koil began to dig a little deeper.

“We did some searches on his name to try to find obituaries and stuff,” Koil said. “Everything tells me that he’s not really dead.”

After that, Koil brought up the messages that SAVx had sent to Ramee on Discord. Ramee (whose GTA RP name is also Ramee), is a popular Twitch streamer with 360,000 followers on the platform. Koil shared the screenshots of Ramee and SAVx’s conversation where SAVx said he “faked it all.”

Screenshots of their conversation can be seen below (includes NSFW language).

(Koil / Twitch)

“I just wanted to end the entire community and all that,” SAVx said in the message. “I have to remember [I] I also knew people from the community outside of it, so even if I went on with my life, I just didn’t [want to f— with] they.”

At first there was some confusion as to whether the person who was texting Ramee from SAVx’s Discord was actually him. After all, everyone thought that SAVx had died a few months earlier.

Ramee discussed the issue in her stream.

On January 14, 2021, Nidas (who plays Leslie on the NoPixel server) released a statement announcing the death of SAVx. The statement says that he was informed by SAVx’s brother of the streamer’s passing and that he had passed away. It was later announced that he had “died” on Christmas Day 2020.

The SAVx name was even added to the server memorial, which honors server streamers who have died in real life.

(TobiiDK / Twitter)

But after the Discord messages between SAVx and Ramee went public, they caused all kinds of speculation. One of the SAVx moderators wrote a message on SAVx Discord saying they didn’t know what was going on.

“None of us Mods, or guys know what’s going on with SAV, trust me, we all miss it,” wrote SAVx mod Dorky. “People are free to come to their own conclusions as to whether he is alive or deceased, those are for you to decide and ponder.”

While it was starting to become fairly apparent that SAVx faked its own death, it was confirmed Wednesday morning during Koil’s broadcast.

“We got someone to investigate some things, like if we hired a guy, or people, and by the way, it’s 100% confirmed that he’s alive,” Koil said. “There is literally no question. Real evidence. So we got all this information, but obviously I can’t reveal it because that’s pretty misleading. But we know everything about him, like names, addresses, and all that shit.”

Since all this information came out, the SAVx name has been removed from the server’s memorial stone. Shotz (who plays Vinny in NoPixel), has also distanced himself from SAVx when he changed his license plate from POG 07 (a tribute to SAVx) to NICO.

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