Thursday, March 30

Normality and reinforcement of personnel on the first day of public health management in Torrevieja

Yesterday, the first day of direct public management, the situation in the hospital center was “maximum normal and without any incident”, as the new department manager commented, Pillar Saints.

Health personnel came and went through the corridors, at the entrance to the hospital some guards smoked, an old woman entered the emergency room accompanied by her relatives, and the “No to reversion” posters had already disappeared from the walls and doors of the hospital. the queries.

Some patients were curious about the why of the media cameras in the vicinity of the hospital. Some commented in groups what was happening and others approached or directly asked journalists “Has something happened?” Expectant, they waited for another response when they heard: “We are coming to the minister’s press conference, this hospital becomes directly publicly managed.” Some people knew it, others didn’t know it and guessed: “Everything is the same here.”

A few minutes after 11 in the morning, Ana Barcelo Together with Pilar Santos, they attended the media, having assumed the department since yesterday, Saturday, October 16, the direct management of the hospital. There he declared “having fulfilled our commitment to return the department of Torrevieja to the public sector, taking another step towards the cohesion of the entire system and all the health network of the Valencian Community».

The main difference between the two procedures is the “redundancy of benefits in the patient, while in private management the benefits obtained go to private hands”, as defined by the head of Health. «Now the important thing is to look to the future, we have to think about increasing this portfolio of services that this department has, seeing the needs that we have. Health is served with everyone’s taxes and public resources must be allocated to cover needs that citizens need, because we are a public service. The difference is substantial, the benefit does not go to private hands but to the benefit of the society it protects, “he added.

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These «are reinvested in more human resources, technology, infrastructures and in the expansion of the portfolio of services to gradually incorporate new healthcare services. That is the substantial difference between one management and the other, “he defined Barceló.

More than 100 professionals

Ana Barcelo He also underlined the “important reinforcement by the Ministry of more than 100 professionals among doctors, nurses, auxiliary care technicians and orderlies”, which 1,079 professionals are added that were subrogated, coming from the concession company, to which must be added another 71 statutory workers, who already depended on the Ministry of Health.

The first night after the reversal the hospital carried out two deliveries and 58 emergency services. Some data communicated by the new manager, Pilar Santos, who also expressed “the utmost professionalism and the utmost rigor” with which the professionals had acted on this “quiet night.” An activity that in the first hours was “supervised by the heads of service, confirming that everything is correct,” said Santos.

Nursing sources consulted by this newspaper spoke about this reinforcement of personnel, who did claim to notice this reinforcement, especially those who had performed the night shift. An opinion also shared by the guards, a group that “in this hospital was scarce,” according to sources from the sector.

Now the shared goal of Ana Barceló, Pilar Santos and the entire departmentor is it “to improve the quality of healthcare provision that serves all citizens.”

With yesterday’s signature, the department goes to public management and for thirty days everything received will be verified. After this time, this receipt will be made public.

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Absence of the Torrevieja government team

No representative of the local government of the city attended the signing of the reception certificate at 00:00 on Saturday. Nor to the press conference on Saturday.

100 healthcare professionals

Slightly more than a hundred personnel have reinforced the first hours of direct public management.

1,079 Surrogate Professionals

More than a thousand toilets have been subrogated, coming from the concessionaire company. To which we must add 71 statutory workers.

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