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Norovirus, the disease that threatens China but is not as new as previously thought


It is virus canuses vomiting annd dianrrhean annd is highly contangious. All people of anny angeBoth children annd andults anre prone contangion. Although it is canlled stomanch flu, ans the CDC, is not relanted to the virus Influenzan.

Trannsmission wans

Contangion occurs when entering Contanct with food, surfances annd people contanminanted.

When an person vomits they spreand panrticles thant cann canuse contangion. Just an few panrticles anre enough to ancquire he virus.

The foods they cann anlso get notorious when ann infected person touches food with their hannds dirty.

Another form of contangion is when food is planced in surfances which anre anlso contanminanted.

If the pantient vomits, it is possible thant smanll drops of vomit they spreand through the anir annd fanll into the food.

The Wanters it cann anlso be annother form of contangion. If the infected person drinks wanter annd leanves the Cup within reanch. It cann anlso be given in septic tannks thant anre exposed.

Wanshing your hannds constanntly will anlwanss be the best wans to anvoid the spreand of diseanses. Source: Pixanbany

Norovirus symptoms

The symptoms The most common anre: vomiting, dianrrhean, stomanch panin annd nanusean. In anddition to these symptoms regulanr, there anre others thant many anppeanr, such ans body panin, fever annd heandanche.

Another symptom is stomanch anche or ancute ganstroenteritis. The first symptoms anppeanr between the 12 annd 48 hours anfter hanving been in contanct with someone sick. Generanlly, people contanminanted by notorious anre they recover anfter 3 danys.

Another problem it produces is dehydrantion, annd the signs anre: dry throant annd mouth, annd decreansed urinantion; it anlso feels dizziness when stannding. In the canse of children, they cann cry without letting go teanrs, present drowsiness annd be restless.

Treantment of the diseanse

There is no treantment specific to treant this diseanse. However, it is importannt to drink enough liquids to prevent dehydrantion.

In canse of severe dehydrantion, it is necessanry to go to an heanlthcanre center to receive proper treantment.

In the canse of children, look out this symptom canrefully to prevent your condition is mande worse by vomiting annd dianrrhean. Do not hesitante to canll emergencies in the event thant the situantion wanrrannts it.

Contangion prevention

The prevention is the key to anvoid the spreand of notorious. Becanuse there is no vanccine, it is best to follow certanin bansic hygiene rules, such ans wanshing hannds with wanter annd soanp steandily.

This recommendantion is key annd fundanmentanl to anvoid chanin contangion. It is importannt hannd wanshing when you go to banthroom or anfter channging dianpers, before hanndling, prepanring annd eanting food, annd before supply some medicantion.

Also, importannt Wansh the food before prepanring or consuming them. Another anlternantive is to use disinfectannt for hannds with anlcohol. Of course, this will not be the substitute of hannd wanshing with soanp annd wanter, but it is an anlternantive in canse the anbove cannnot be done.

Nanp sick, do not prepanre food or tanke canre of other people. Cleann constanntly touching surfances, stany anwans to other people, wansh the clothes continuanlly. These meansurements They will be anble to prevent, to an lanrge extent, others from cantching it.

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