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North Carolina woman discovers her father is on the FBI’s Most Wanted list by DNA testing

North Carolina woman discovers her father is on the FBI's Most Wanted list by DNA testing

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A woman from North Carolina who had been adopted as a baby underwent a DNA test and discovered that his biological father is in the FBI’s Most Wanted List for murder.

Kathy Gillcrist, 63, took a home DNA test in 2017. When he filled out the paperwork that accompanied the test, checked the box that said she had been adopted and was interested in finding her biological parents, as he told CNN affiliate WECT.

The results connected him with Susan Gilmor, a third cousin to his biological mother whose genealogical research skills helped him delve into family history. ”We were surprised that we were so much alike. We were both English learners and teachers, ”Gillmor reminded WECT.

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Gillmor helped find Gillcrist’s biological mother, who had given her up for adoption in 1957. But finding her biological father was not so easy. However, after several years of research, he solved the puzzle.

“I’m looking at the last names, the common names, the locations, and his name is William Bradford Bishop Jr.,” Gillmor said.

Gillcrist’s father, a former foreign service officer, is a federal fugitive.

A father wanted for murder Bishop has been wanted by the government since the 1970s and was included on the FBI’s Most Wanted for Murder list in 2014.

According to authorities, Bishop is wanted for allegedly beating his 68-year-old mother, his 37-year-old wife, and their three children, ages five, 10 and 14, to death in Bethesda, Maryland on March 1, 1976. He then allegedly transferred their bodies to Columbia, North Carolina.

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“He dug a hole, a shallow grave, put the bodies in and set them on fire”case agent Charles Adam noted in a 2014 FBI post, when Bishop was added to the group’s most wanted list.

Bishop, who was 39 at the time, was charged with murder by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Rockville, Maryland, and then federally charged with illegal escape to avoid trial, according to the FBI.

Gillcrist remembered the moment she was told who her father was. “I said ‘Is someone famous?’ She said, ‘Um, yeah.’ I laughed. We have a great sense of humor in my adoptive family and I thought ‘Of course my father is a murderer! “Gillcrist recalled.

Gillmor and Gillcrist’s research has identified Gillcrist’s biological mother and more than a dozen relatives in Massachusetts.

Gillcrist has written a book about his experience entitled It’s in My Genes (It’s in my genes).

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Gillcrist believes his father is still on the run at the age of 84. The FBI recalls that Bishop should be considered “armed and extremely dangerous with suicidal tendencies.”

With information from CNN Y Fox News.

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