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North Port Police Admit Mistake By Mistaking Brian Laundrie For His Mother During Investigation

Police mistakenly tracked down Laundrie’s identity when he returned in his Mustang.

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The police operation that revolved around the disappearance of Gabby Petito, and the suspicions towards Brian Laundrie for the murder of the young woman, left several potholes by North Port police, in what was the surveillance of the recently reported deceased.

After Petito’s disappearance was reported, North Port Police investigators thought they were keeping a close eye on Laundrie, but they realized they had a case of mistaken identity when it was monitored, for which they blame the family.

North Port Police said they had mistaken Brian’s mother for him the week he disappeared, a fact that would have helped him disappear undetected, the officers admitted to WINK-TV on Monday.

According to a North Port police spokesman, detectives installed cameras around the Laundrie family home to monitor Brian’s movement after Gabby Petito’s family reported him missing on September 11.

On Sept. 13, detectives saw Laundrie leave her home in Mustang, and two days later they saw the car return, North Port police said, at the time when confusion occurred when they saw the person they believed. It was the 23-year-old man getting out of the vehicle with a cap on.

“I think it was his mother who was wearing a baseball cap.”North Port Police spokesman Josh Taylor told WINK-TV. “They had come back from the park with that Mustang. So who does that? Truth?”.

The agents in charge, who assured that Brian resembles his mother, Roberta, indicated: “It didn’t make sense for someone to do that if he wasn’t there, so we thought the person who came out with a baseball cap was Brian.”

The confusion would not have influenced the outcome of Laundrie’s search.

On September 16, two days after this apparent mistake, there was a press conference in which North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison announced that they knew the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie.

“Two people went on a trip and one returned. That person who returned is not providing information “Garrison added.

Despite the error to identify Laundrie, the agents pointed out that they do not believe that this mistake had influenced the final result of the investigation.

“That misidentification didn’t have much of an impact on (living) and research costs. Other than the confusion, it probably didn’t change anything. “, manifestó Josh Taylor a Fox 13 at that time. “There is a possibility that Brian has already passed away. They need to find it. ”

In response to Garrison’s assessment on September 16, Taylor criticized the Laundrie family for their silence on the events surrounding the Mustang.

“We just wanted people to better understand why we think we knew Brian was at his house. It was a direct result of the family’s lack of cooperation at the beginning of this investigation.“, Taylor said.

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