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“Not as dictatorship”: the US hopes that Nicaragua will return to the OAS

The US hopes that Nicaragua will return to the OAS, but not as a “dictatorship”

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The United States trusts that Nicaragua will one day return to the “inter-American community” and the Organization of American States (OAS), but to do so with respect to “democratic development” and not as a “dictatorship.”

This was stated this Friday, in an interview with EFE, by the head of Latin America and the Caribbean in the White House, Juan González, after Nicaragua announced its decision to withdraw from the OAS.

“We have seen the precipitous fall of Nicaragua towards a dictatorship. They have stolen the election, there is no way to deny it, ”said González, who is the main adviser for Latin America to US President Joe Biden.

González said that the mandate of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his wife and Vice President, Rosario Murillo “resembles more” than they “would like to admit” to that of the Somoza family, against which the now president and the Sandinistas fought back. four decades.

“We would like Nicaragua to return to the inter-American community, (but) always supporting the values ​​and principles to which we all subscribe, which are respect for democratic development,” he stressed.

“That is the fundamental thing, it is not left or right, it is democracy, it is the only thing we insist on as a region,” he concluded.

The Government of Nicaragua denounced the OAS Charter on Friday and announced its departure from that body, after it disqualified the general elections on November 7, in which Ortega won a fifth term.

In its communication to the agency, Managua accused the OAS of failing to comply, irresponsibly disregarding, and transgressing its own Charter on respect for the sovereign equality of States, non-interference in internal affairs, and non-imposition of unilateral, illegal, and coercive measures. .

Nicaragua’s decision comes after the 51st General Assembly of the OAS, in a resolution approved last Friday, considered that the general elections that guaranteed Ortega’s permanence in power “were not free, fair or transparent and they did not have democratic legitimacy ”.

The departure of Nicaragua from the OAS may take at least two years to enter into force, according to the charter that governs this body, created in 1948 and based in Washington.

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