Sunday, October 17

Not even the victims of terrorism



Yesterday the annual tribute to the victims of terrorism was held in the Congress of Deputies, with the sad news that hardly any victims of terrorism attended. The main associations representing the victims, including the AVT, decided not to attend as a manifestation of their protest against the government’s penitentiary policy with ETA prisoners. It is clear that the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has a special sensitivity for those who are imprisoned for violating democracy, some with seditious practices, and others, with shots to the neck. In both cases, the result is striking for its common features. Arnaldo Otegui and Oriol Junqueras are the reference partners of the PSOE and guarantee the stability of the Government of Pedro Sánchez. The political operation squares to the millimeter.

The Executive could not aspire to a different reaction from the victims of terror. Seeing Bildu -whose spokesperson he wanted to portray yesterday in Congress- signing pacts with the socialists, seeing Otegui reconverted into a champion of the stability of Pedro Sánchez and seeing the welcome -‘ongi etorri’- to bloodthirsty prisoners released are a blow after another in the spirit and memory of each victim of terrorism. In addition, the official explanations of the approaches of ETA prisoners to the Basque Country are cynical. It is legitimate and legal for the Government to individually assess the circumstances of each prisoner to conclude whether or not they deserve an improvement in their prison situation. No association of victims has ever opposed the application of the law. It is what they have always asked for and in that attitude resides their moral authority. What is not admissible is that the decisions of the Ministry of the Interior affect groups of ETA prisoners, as if the important thing was the ‘collective’, not the attitude of each prisoner, and the final objective was to deliver the final decision to the Basque Government to release. Without an express request for forgiveness, without repentance, without active collaboration with Justice, each approach of a terrorist prisoner is an offense to the victims of their crimes, many unsolved. Not seeing it like this is one more example of the Government’s lack of empathy with the victims of ETA and the rest of the terrorist organizations, and explains La Moncloa’s indifference to their clamor for a change in attitude that they should consider lost.

The Executive of Pedro Sánchez wants to turn the page to the part of the history of Spain that hinders him from adding partners and votes, that is, the stories of ETA and the separatist coup. When Sánchez asks to look to the future, he really wants a collective amnesia, and also a selective one, because he strives to relive the Civil War, the gutters and the Franco regime day after day to continue sowing division and discord. Bringing ETA members closer and pardoning the coup plotters are sides of the same coin, of a policy of alliances between anti-democratic extremes led by the PSOE, something that Rodríguez Zapatero launched with the Tinell pact.

From the moment the Government chose to accept pacts with EH Bildu, publicly and with photos, it also chose to cancel a way worthy of understanding politics, which should be based on the democratic scruples of never owing anything to those who, to today, they continue to legitimize the terror of ETA and do not ask for forgiveness. Pedro Sánchez owes them La Moncloa. That is why it is logical that a representative of Bildu was in the Congress of Deputies yesterday, because the government’s ‘quid pro quo’ works with the pro-ETA members.

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