Sunday, August 1

«Noticia», champion of the J70 Spanish Open




News with the Santander José María Torcida a la caña, one of the best Spanish heavy sail skippers in recent decades, with the Lanzarote world champion Rayco Tabares as a tactician, and counting sailors of the quality of Luis Martín Cabíedes in his crew , Pablo Saturde and the great snipista from Gijon Francisco Palacio, proclaimed themselves champion of the Maeloc Open of Spain in Galician waters, which, organized by Marina Coruña and the Real Club Náutico, ends after having managed to bring together the best of the J70 class from Spain, with units from Argentina, Mexico, Finland and Portugal.

For his part, the J70 of the Canarian world champion Alfredo González and with Malalo Bermúdez de Castro from A Coruña as tactician, achieved silver after holding a spectacular Open, in which he could win until the penultimate round, where he put in serious trouble to the J70 of the Real Club Marítimo de Santander, who did not breathe calmly until the last bars of the Nacional. For its part, the very young crew from MarNatura with one of the most solid skipper values, Luis Bugallo, took the bronze relegating Abril Verde to fourth place, which was skippered by Luis Pérez Canal from Ourense. In MarNatura they formed the crew, in addition to Bugallo, Enrique Freire, Gerardo Prego, Alberto Basadre and Javier Gándara Jr. On the part of Abril Verde, they were Luis Pérez Canal, the great sailor from Víctor Mariño, Eduardo Reguero, Carlos San Martín and Juan of Cominges.

Winds of up to 15 of component southwest first and practically west closed in the final section of the morning. While there was life, the fight was titanic, and that happened until the second round was finished, in which the partial victory was for Noticia, which left the Maeloc Open of Spain seen for sentence … work to which those of Malalo Bermúdez cooperated with mooring second place, and the MarNatura Vigo, who got rid of Abril Verde, who had to settle, with a splendid fourth position … which managed to conserve weight after a bad result in the closing sleeve, which compensated for Leti t be, that made a thirteenth place.

Further back, the fight was between the Doreste brothers … and the better part was led by Luis who managed to take sixth place, in a fight with Jorge who went down to seventh, as well as with Gonzalo Araújo who raised in a good final of the Championship, to his LaGuardia & Moreira to eighth place, relegating the Lisbon from SailCascais, as well as their most direct rivals: Sogacsa del Náutico de Vigo, and Pazo de Cea del Marítimo de Canido.

Splendid this Spanish Open, with airs of a National of the class reinforced by sailors from four countries … by the way, on Sunday the veteran Willy Alonso with his Marclas21 made a partial third place … which has immense merit, with the levelazo lived in Coruña waters.

To highlight the participation of J70 full of amateur crews that at no time were out of tune and faced the stars, such as Alberto Figueira’s Valmy Atlántico from Vigo or Correa Kessler from Coruña with Toni Ardá and Fran Edreira.

At the stroke of mid-afternoon at the Village Mar de Maeloc the closing ceremony took place, very much in line with the new trends of high competition sailing … the three prizes were awarded for the first ones: Noticia, Solventis, MarNatura and an additional one for Luis Bugallo’s J70 for being the highest ranked amateur boat, the so-called Corinthians Trophy; all at the foot of the dock, and with the right and necessary protocol.

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