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Nougat from Jijona and Alicante, the sweetest and oldest DO

This denomination is one of the oldest in Spain.

This denomination is one of the oldest in Spain.
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The sweetest DO in the province of Alicante is starred by the nougat from Jijona and Alicante. A product that, although it is very seasonal, has already begun to break this main barrier and is already beginning to spread to other aspects to be consumed outside the main Christmas days. Protected by the European Union, these verifications allow their registered operators to use these Protected Geographical Indications, which is used by companies registered in the Regulatory Council, which is responsible for complying with the requirements in their production and marketing process to ensure at all times that the guarantee and authenticity are preserved.

Regarding this denomination, it should be noted that it is one of the oldest in Spain, officially recognized in 1939. Throughout all these years it has forged a reputation that makes the two DO varieties and many others that have been Created to date, they conquer the national and international market and the Jijona nougat is present in many tables during Christmas. In this regard, the Regulatory Council maintains a rigorous and effective control system, both in terms of the quantity and quality of the protected nougat. In this sense, all Jijona nougats must undergo an analytical and organoleptic examination that determines whether the sweet made meets all the conditions to deserve the Geographical Denomination. The analyzes are carried out in the official accredited laboratories in all the control parameters that the CRIGPJTA establishes in its specification.

The control ranges from the production process to the commercialization, at which time the Council delivers to the corresponding operators the guarantee labels or seals that guarantee the origin and quality of the protected product. A process that the Council carries out with great rigor and that applies to all products that want to seal their sweets with this DO.

On the other hand, other functions of the Regulatory Council throughout these years are those of representation, defense, guarantee, promotion and dissemination of the products covered under their geographical indications Jijona and Turrón de Alicante, in their respective development markets , thus contributing to the standardization and internationalization of products linked to said geographical indications throughout the world.

Regarding the acquisition of the product, many of its applicants go to Jijona during the Nougat Christmas Fair to acquire DO varieties as well as many others, as indicated by its president, César Soler, “many people want to come to buy at the stores or factories and they resist the online route although the prominence of this type of purchase is increasing ».

Cesar Soler

This year, also due to the circumstances, the Christmas Fair, an event with more than ten years of history and that offers the possibility of buying this typical sweet on an annual basis, has become an online event due to the current health situation. A total of forty exhibitors with more than 1,000 different products, give shape to this virtual appointment that turns Jijona one more year into nougat capital. A fact that will affect the number of total sales of this particular 2020.

It should not be forgotten that this DO of origin considered one of the oldest in Spain has continued over the years, thanks to the work carried out by the Regulatory Council, to incorporate companies that certify this distinctive in the sweets they manufacture so that each Once the business fabric that manufactures this sweet is stronger and above all more competitive in international markets. A fact because the one that continues to work, especially in terms of the seasonal adjustment that although it concentrates on Christmas dates already occupies a very important role in gastronomy, a fact that causes its demand to be reduced but that the rest of the year.

César Soler: «the nougat from Jijona and Alicante continues to lead»

The president of the DO del Turrón, César Soler, values ​​this campaign as strange “there has been a certain caution in the amount of orders being received, for which a more or less normal campaign is expected, although possibly with some small decrease ». He points out that “although a small drop in sales is expected from Jijona, 20 million bars of nougat will come out with designation of origin from Jijona and Alicante, which are undoubtedly the leaders in sales.” He clarifies that “regarding online sales, they are rising although it is still a very small channel, so it is a technological challenge that must be faced without losing the essence of tradition; although at the moment it is one more channel to continue on the way to meet sales, especially in these weeks prior to the days when the most nougat is consumed.

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