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Nuclear war simulator:

The war in ukraine carries with it the concern of a possible nuclear conflict and that it has an impact beyond the two belligerent countries. On the Internet there are different nuclear bomb simulators which, in all kinds of detail, determine the effects that different types of arsenals and their power can have in any part of the world. The interest in knowing what would happen if a bomb fell somewhere nearby has caused some of these tools to have been hanging for hours due to the excess traffic they have received. Others have closed the service to show solidarity with Ukraine.

Current nuclear bombs exceed 1,000 kilotons of power. That means that they are 660 times more powerful than the one that was launched in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the WWII, which yielded 15 and 20 kilotons, respectively. the simulator Blast Wave Effects Calculator lets you know what shock wave any atomic bomb can have after customizing the power. If one of 1,000 kilotons fell in the center of Barcelona, concrete buildings of heavy construction would be “severely damaged or demolished” within a radius of 6.3 kilometers and the entire population would die within a radius of 3 kilometers. At 4.5 kilometers from the epicenter, there would be survivors.

Beyond these distances, residential building collapses would occur up to 13 kilometers and serious injuries would abound. From then on, the expansion would cause glass to break and there would be injuries due to the impact of fragments.

Simulators voluntarily closed

The foundation against nuclear weapons Outrider It has a specific developer that simulates in 3D what it would be like to drop an atomic bomb anywhere. Since this morning, however, he has cut off his access to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. “Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine, who are facing an unprovoked invasion by Russian military forces. We will restore our map of nuclear weapons as soon as possible,” the foundation said in its statement. Web of nuclear bomb simulator.

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When active, this application allows you to select the type of nuclear weapon and its power to see, through an animated playback, the radius of range and all the associated data of a possible attack.

More rudimentary in terms of presenting a possible tragedy, but no less precise, is the Nukemap application, which combines several maps and variables to calculate the effects of a detonation. This tool It is down since this noon, but it showed different levels of damage from the epicenter of the denotation as if it were a map of Google Maps.

Leader in nuclear arsenal

Related news

Faced with the escalation of the conflict, the russian president Vladimir Putin ordered last Sunday that the Russian nuclear deterrent forces be placed on “special duty regime”. The fear of these consequences has made many people go to the internet to find out what effects and what consequences a bomb would have.

Days before the war broke out, the ‘Nuclear Scientists’ Bulletin’ published a study that analyzed Russia’s current nuclear capacity. With 4,477 nuclear warheads, it is the country with the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Of this, The report he estimated that around 1,588 are ready to be used. Specifically, some 812 would be found in land-based ballistic missiles, 576 in submarine-launched ballistic missiles and 200 in heavy bomber bases.

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