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About common sense, normality and digital security. What is common sense? As defined by the dictionary of the RAE, it is about the “Way of thinking and proceeding as the generality of people would do”. We could say that acting according to common sense is ‘normal’ –also, statistically speaking–. Now, from the psychological point of view, society conceives or labels what is normal, as ‘the good’, and what is abnormal –or less common–, as ‘the bad’. But, in this struggle to seek normality, to be and act like the majority, according to common sense, is it the smartest thing to do? Well no, we should not trust. If we take into account that to its ‘common’ and ‘normal’ quality we must add its ‘subjective’ nature, we have a combination that can lead us to make wrong decisions, as well as compromised and dangerous.

Voltaire said “Common sense is the least common of the senses”; and Ramón de Campoamor, “there is nothing true or false; everything depends on the color of the glass through which you look”. That said, why do we give permissions to apps left and right, accept cookies without rhyme or reason, or send personal data to strangers? If we adjust to the RAE, we are allowing ourselves to be guided by common sense –and contradicting the French philosopher and historian–. Now, as Albert Einstein wisely pointed out (as Lincoln Barnett, former editor of Life, paraphrased), “common sense, in reality, is nothing more than a repository of prejudices established in the mind before the age of eighteen.”

What the majority thinks and does plays a crucial role in what one considers correct. As absurd or dangerous as it is. And, in this sense, there is no awareness of the risk and danger that the digital society entails. We give our data to large corporations, without thinking about it, but we are worried about Pegasus because we have heard that if the mobile phone heats up, the battery runs out or there is a lot of data traffic, they can be spying on us. Is your data really worth the more than €250,000 that each infection costs? No, you are not their target. But yes that of other dangers that swarm the Net. Be careful, have your own sense and change the color of your glass.

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Helmet that heals.

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self defined.

The topic of the week: You can’t see anything here

Streaming providers are taking steps to keep passwords from being shared. What threat hangs over users?

The topic of the week: It’s going to take time to arrive…

The coronavirus crisis continues to affect production and supply chains, and according to experts, we are going to have to live with it for quite some time.

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All About Security: Attack on Microsoft

Microsoft’s source code is freely spread over the Internet, and behind it is the notorious Lapsus$ group. Computer Hoy now clarifies what the background of the matter is.

Gadget of the week: All-in-one 360º meetings

Looking for an all-in-one camera (panoramic, face tracking, microphone and speaker) for meetings? Then the UC M40 is your solution.

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The latest in technology, apps, entertainment, VR, business, education and startups.


Your digital life safe: Security programs

With our selection of programs, you will get more security for your PC and mobile: they will protect you from malware, from hacker attacks and will ensure your privacy.

Practical: Create your resume online

Having a CV up to date is a must. Giving it a modern format and updating it can make the difference between finding a job or not. We tell you how to update your CV with these web pages.

Word processors: List of misspellings

The Word corrector underlines with a wavy line those words that have a spelling error. Would you like a list of bugs to print or review? You can achieve it.

Connected home: Set up your smart plug

Would you like to take the first steps in home automation? Start by installing a smart plug and discover the interesting possibilities it offers you.

Squeeze your smartphone: 7 Tricks for Android 12

Little by little, Samsung is rolling out Android 12 to all its Galaxy series mobile phones. For this very reason, we at Computer Today have chosen the seven new features that stand out the most. Discover them right now!

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Comparison: 5 Video Game Streaming Services

Play the latest titles regardless of the power of the device? That is exactly what cloud gaming promises. Our test tells you which service is the best to play today.

Comparative: 5 Rings of light to the test

The light rings are designed to create the perfect setting, when making selfies or video calls. For this reason, at Computer Hoy we have tested five LED spotlights of up to €30.

The latest technology

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio laptop, Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 smartphone, Lenovo Smart Clock 2, AVM FRITZ!Box 7530 AX router, Logitech Lift vertical mouse, and HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless headphones.


Technology for all: Wolfenstein 3D turns 30

Wolfenstein 3D turns 30 in 2022, but did you know that the series is actually 41 years old and wasn’t created by id Software? Well, here and now, we tell you everything…

Technology for all: Can a robot teach us empathy?

Empathy encompasses a wide number of processes. Social robots follow a developmental path similar to that of human empathy.

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There are many questions about technical issues that you send us. In this section we answer all your questions.

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