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number checker and award-winning tenths



Finally came the day. Once again, the Teatro Real hosts the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw. An event that makes us laugh and cry every year and manages to keep the illusion alive. Hope is the last thing that is lost and least in a day like this, in which the Christmas tenths, which this year have drawn ‘La Virgen de la Granada’ by Fran Angelico, can become our ticket to a better future.

The Christmas lottery this 2021 will again distribute 2,408 million euros in prizes. And no one wants to be without their share of the pie. Thus, millions of Spaniards remain glued to the television watching how the children of San Ildefonso they sing one by one the 1,087 numbers that will be lucky.

In ABC you can find out if you are one of the lucky ones once the Christmas lottery with the tester.

To use it you just have to follow the following steps:

1. Enter the five numbers that appear on your tenth

2. Introduce the amount you have played with that number. That is, if you have bought a tenth you only enter the amount that you have shown, 20 euros, if you have two tenths of the same number, 40 euros or if you share it with one other person, 10 euros.

3. Press the ‘buttonfind out

Once this process is finished, you will be told if that number is one of the winners of the day and the amount you have won based on the amount you have played.

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As simple as that!

All Christmas Lottery prizes

And what prizes can you win in the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw?

In total, 2,408 million euros are distributed among more than 26 million tenths that the participants in the draw par excellence of our country have acquired in 2021. These awards are:

– ‘El Gordo’: It is the first prize of the Christmas Lottery and it is only awarded to one number. Every tenth winner with ‘El Gordo’ will be able to get home 400.000 euros.

Second prize: The second prize, like the first, is only awarded to one number. Every tenth is lucky with 125,000 euros.

Third award: The third prize of the Christmas Lottery is again awarded to nothing more than one number. On this occasion, each lucky tenth with the third prize receives a total of 50,000 euros.

Fourth prizes. In the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery, two fourth prizes (two different numbers) are distributed, and each tenth is lucky with 20,000 euros.

Fifth prizes: In total, eight fifth prizes (eight different numbers) lucky with 6,000 euros per tenth are distributed.

– Pedrea: 1,794 Christmas Lottery prizes correspond to the pedrea. Each lucky tenth with this award will receive 100 euros.

In addition to these awards there are approaches to the first prize, the second and the thirdIn addition to the 999 numbers that share their last two figures with the first prize, the 999 that share them with the second and the 999 that share them with the third.

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In addition, the 9,999 numbers whose last digit coincides with that of ‘Fat‘they will receive the money they have invested.

How much does the Treasury stay?

In 2018, the General State Budgets established to progressively raise the tax-exempt minimum of lottery prizes. Finally, in 2020, this minimum was set at 40,000 euros. Thus, no winning combination in the Christmas lottery with an amount lower than this figure will have to render accounts to the Treasury.

Winning numbers that receive prizes of more than 40.000 euros will have to pay the Tax Agency the 20 % thereof. Thus, a graceful con ‘Fat‘, first prize of the Christmas Lottery, lucky with 400,000 euros the tenth, will have to give the Treasury 20% of 360,000 euros, which is the amount resulting from subtracting 40,000 to 400,000. In total it will take home 328.000 euros.

When, how and where to collect the prizes

If you have checked your number with ABC and you are one of the lucky ones in the Christmas lottery you should know that you have three months to collect your prize. The period will open this same day 22, at 18.00 hours and will run until March 22.

In the event that the prize is less than 2.500 euros This may be collected in any administration of the commercial network of Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. In the event that the amount is higher, the interested parties may approach the concerted financial entities (BBVA, Caixa Bank, Caja Sur, Ibercaja, Banco Sabadell, Unicaja Banco, Kutxabank, Abanca Corporación Bancaria or Cajamar Caja rural, Sociedad Cooperativa de Crédito) to make the payment.

The other possibility on the table is that the holder of the tenth moves closer to the territorial delegation of State Lotteries and Gambling. The territorial commercial delegation will also leave with a check that, as in the case of issuing a bank, can be entered into an account or made cash at the issuing bank.

It should be noted that prizes of less than 2,000 euros can be claimed by the Bizum application of any bank. Since last year it is possible to go to any administration with a QR code, whose expiration has only 15 minutes. Showing it in any administration and once the clerk gives the approval, the payment will be made through the app.

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