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Numerous Hispanics and Jews, among the 159 missing from the building that collapsed in Miami



At least thirty of the 159 people for whom there is no news after the collapse of a building in Surfside, in South Florida, are of Hispanic origin, while a minimum of six belong to the large Jewish community of that small town located just north of Miami Beach.

Although the exact number of people who were in the damaged homes at the time of the partial collapse of the complex is still unknown. Champlain Towers, twelve-story and built in 1981, the mayor of Miami-Dade County, Daniella Levine Cava, raised this Friday to 159 those whose whereabouts are unknown at the moment, and to four the number of confirmed fatalities.

The building consisted of more than 130 houses, of which 55 have been completely destroyed after the collapse. The number of deceased rises at the moment to four.

The great variety of situations in the occupation of the apartments makes it difficult to know who was in them at dawn on Thursday. The building ranges from full-time residents to second homes and apartments for rent.

Surfside is a quiet and discreet town north of Miami Beach whose population does not reach 6,000 inhabitants, of which almost 45% are of Hispanic origin, according to Census data. Likewise, it is known for having an important Jewish community.

Remains of various apartments after the collapse in the Champlain Towers
Remains of several apartments after the collapse in the Champlain Towers – Afp

Last February, one of Donald Trump’s daughters, Ivanka, along with her husband, Jared Kushner, and their three children moved into a luxurious rental apartment in the area. In fact, his current home is just two blocks from the damaged building. Not far from there is Indian Creek, the small island of great millionaires where Ivanka Trump He has bought a piece of land from the singer Julio Iglesias and where he will have his permanent home when it is finished.

The initial list of 159 disappeared included ten people from Argentina, six of Paraguay, six of Venezuela, six of Colombia and three of Uruguay, reports the Univisión chain.

The sister of the first lady of Paraguay

One of the people being sought is Sophia López Moreira Bo, sister of the first lady of Paraguay, Silvana López Moreira Bóas well as her husband, Luis Pettengill, their three children, and the maid Lady Villalba. According to the Paraguayan station La Unión, the family was in Miami to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

This was also the case of a man from Colombia, who was visiting with his wife and 14-year-old daughter, and who had been staying in a friend’s apartment in Champlain Towers for about a month before, as he told the newspaper ‘ El Nuevo Herald ‘a brother, a neighbor of Doral, west of the county.

Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar, from the local synagogue, says several members of the Surfside Jewish community are among those missing. “There are very few words that can give someone comfort, because you are facing an unimaginable, terrible ragedy that has struck in the middle of the night,” said Lipskar in statements collected by Local 10 News, which collects the names of six members of this community in unknown whereabouts, as well as a woman belonging to the neighboring Bal Harbor synagogue, and her boyfriend.

This means indicates that between the people of whom there is no news there are a 36-year-old woman and her parents, whom she was visiting; Coral Gables Hospital Pharmacy Director; an 80-year-old woman who lived on the ninth floor of the building; a couple who lived on the same floor; a lawyer who had moved from New York to an attic; the four members of a family who lived in an apartment; a 79- and 74-year-old couple, and a man and his son who lived on the fifth floor.

Many of these people’s relatives await news at the nearby family reunification center.

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