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‘Nursery cop’ | The first week of nursery school in the covid era | In the first person | Mamas & Papas

Our little baby, who is not so young anymore, has just started his term in nursery school. (What we used to know as “nursery school”, being a lack of respect for the professionals who teach and care there without being vigilant of a parking of children.) And it has started with the pandemic model, which changes or complicates everything.

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With our eldest daughter, who was born in that time so close and at the same time so distant where we were only concerned that there were many tourists on the street, we were able to make a quiet adaptation, with the parents accompanying her inside the classroom during a ratillo.

Instead, we have had to deliver the baby on the landing as if it were an Amazon package. At least we haven’t done the “I leave it in the elevator and you call it” tactic of some deliverymen.

Objectively, the protocol that only the adults who work there enter the center is sensible. The fewer interactions, the cleaner and safer the nursery will be. And that affects the health of our children, everyone’s top priority.

But that’s how children cry … and parents cry.

To the classic feeling of guilt of the first-timers, the “I can no longer be with this child” and five seconds after leaving the center door start crying like “I have abandoned my child to work and recover my identity as a person for a while ”, the anticovid measures are added.

Although of course, it is better for the child to cry a little than to come to you smiling, but infected.

Will the children think that we have really abandoned them? At first they will only be an hour without us, but since children do not have a clock, it can be longer than an ad unit of Antenna 3.

Philosophers debate whether a tree makes a noise in the forest when there is no one to hear it, and parents wonder if our children are still heartbroken when we are not around to see it. Or if they really, as the teachers say, then calm down and have a good time.

Knowing that it is normal for her to cry during the adjustment process does not imply that it does not hurt. Just as it hurts to pass the ITV or make the Income, no matter how much it is on the agenda.

In addition, there is a spoiler that we don’t want to hear. And it is that, according to the teachers, well-qualified staff with experience in many beginning of the course, babies adapt better without parents.

It is not that we are all very heavy, controlling or protective… but the combination of restless parents, strangers screaming companions and new environment does not favor a quick and practical adaptation. For very good intentions that we have.

So let’s trust the people who dedicate themselves to this and hope that the tears of adults and children are short and the happy smiles come to stay the whole course.

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