Monday, November 29

Nursery schools do not lower their guard and take the temperature of children at the entrance to the center

At 8.30 in the morning the first dads stand at the marked stalls on the sidewalk through the nursery school and wait patiently, at the distance indicated by the marks, for the child’s turn to enter the center, after taking the temperature by the teachers.

Thus, the approved nursery schools in the province have decided to continue operating this course, around 130 centers that have agreed to maintain the daily temperature measurement of all children from 0 to 3 years of age despite the fact that Education only requires this time that parents are the ones who make sure the baby does not have a fever before taking him to the classroom.

«We started this course with the extensive experience that the previous one had with respect to covid stockings. It was tIt was a success despite the fear of the parents, practically without contagion with the application of protocols that have worked very well, and to reassure everyone and remain safe, we are going to maintain the daily temperature measurement ». Ramiro López, spokesman for the provincial association of Acade nursery schools, stresses that they continue with the “antennas on” even though everything “went well” as long as Health continues to recommend both interpersonal distances and hygiene measures against covid.

Families patiently wait in an orderly queue but have not yet returned to these centers with the same influx as before the pandemic.

López emphasizes that Education they are lacking “flexibility and sensitivity” to address the claim of the group of children’s centers for including a second call for scholarships or child vouchers with which each child school position is subsidized with between 70 and 220 euros per month depending on the income and the age of the children.

«There is a greater influx of enrollments this course than the previous one, we can say that we have gained 20% of students, but we have also received requests that the application period for Education vouchers has ended on July 12 and we understand that this is a It must be that the Ministry should resolve, “says the spokesman.

The subsidies are of lesser amount for children of 2 years, who represent the bulk of the enrollment, and from Acade they weigh that it has to do with the policy of increasing places for these ages in public schools by Education. «Approved schools solve the deficit of these educational levels in the public and there are both funds and IT solutions to open a second call in September »they insist.

First closings and loss of 20% of students

The pandemic has taken a toll on approved nursery schools, which in the province have more than 7,000 places for children from 0 to 3 years old. From the provincial association they affirm that about a dozen have been forced to close and that the rest are still trying to recover most of the professionals and workers after the temporary work stoppages caused by the pandemic. “Once this new course has started, we observe the loss of 20% of students, we are at 80% of our full capacity,” the spokesperson said.

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