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Nursing and Medicine students claim to be able to do internships despite the covid

Patient and nurse in the Intensive Care Unit of the General Hospital of Elche.

Patient and nurse in the Intensive Care Unit of the General Hospital of Elche.

The students of Medicine, Nursing and Physiotherapy are seeing how their university practices have been canceled again due to this second wave of coronavirus. In these degrees this training accounts for half of the university career. Now, the question on the minds of the students is «If we do not receive practical training, How are we going to know how to treat our patients in the near future? ». During all these months, the need has been seen to have qualified health personnel in the front line of battle against covid because the health of citizens, in part, depends on the training they receive, and this is something for which future health workers they are claiming.

The mobilizations of the Health Sciences students to claim their dissatisfaction with the cancellation of their clinical practices are taking place throughout the country, added to the need to carry out a plan by the universities to receive the training that these professions need. The students claim that there are currently no coherent plans for the training that these degrees need. “We consider the alternatives proposed to be inadequate to supply everything that the training of clinical practices entails,” say the representatives of the 5th year of Medicine at the UMH, Kevin Zambrano and Ana Belén Hernández. In this way, the alternatives that have been proposed to them are in the form of online seminars, I work with complementary material such as videos and images. “This can help you to better understand some specialty, but they are not capable of supplementing the clinical practices that a health worker needs in their training”those responsible say.

Likewise, with regard to the implementation of online teaching, taking into account that in these degrees it is almost anecdotal to show how to stop a wound through a computer, students express the need for there to be a reduction in academic fees, since in in this case they do not acquire the same competences nor do they use the materials present with traditional teaching. “We are in a difficult financial situation and we would all like to see a reduction in academic fees, especially when most activities are carried out online,” they say.

For their part, the teachers of the Medicine and Nursing degrees also have a great responsibility in the training of future health workers, thus they have expressed their support for the student body since they consider it a mistake to deprive them of their training. Francisca Colom, professor of Microbiology and Parasitology, in reference to the role that Universities have played in the decision of the cancellation of practices by the Department, points out the following: “I do not know to what extent the Valencian universities (and the faculties with affected degrees) have been able or not to negotiate the drastic decision that has been adopted, but I consider it a mistake”.

On the other hand, in reference to how to solve this lack of training in the Health Sciences degrees, the teacher affirms that the proposed alternative is insufficient: «When we were informed of the cancellation of practices, the alternatives that we were offered were not other to invite the generation of online resources (each one of them, according to their abilities and the profile of their subject) ».

Medium-term mobilizations

“What I am not so clear about is to what extent we will be able, with the tools we have, to graduate the generations affected by the restrictions of the pandemic, with sufficient skills and knowledge. This constitutes a concern in the faculty of the faculty ”, affirms the professor. A concern also present among the student body, since the practices represent almost the entire health training. “We do not want to be health workers with online training, we want to be in this battle because in a very short time we will be the ones who will have to fight on the front line,” says one of those affected. The feeling that each and every one of the Health Sciences students share is the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen in the coming months. If they have something clear, it is that they are going to mobilize and fight to “be the health workers that Spain deserves,” they say.

# Nosinmisprácticas, demand of the students

The Commission for Medical Education (CEEM) is promoting the # NoSinMisPrácticas campaign on these dates, where students from all over Spain are expressing their most absolute disagreement with the cancellation of health practices on social media. In addition, a common manifesto is currently being carried out between the CEEM and the State Association of Nursing Students to show this dissatisfaction to the institutions, where they are also receiving support from health workers, who also do not agree with this decision.

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