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NY awaits federal ‘prescriptions’ to apply doses of boosters against COVID-19 to those already vaccinated with oderna and Jhonson & Jhonson

New York begins to ignite the engines before the challenge of bulk administer booster doses of COVID-19 vaccines, while details are awaited this week from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the complete guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the drugs of Moderna y Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

In the Big Apple, Mayor Bill de Blasio reported that they are focused on having all immunization sites ready immediately and that New Yorkers are informed of the “route to follow” in what he considers will be “Another great massive campaign” in the fight against the pandemic.

After the launch of the vaccination strategy against COVID-19, which began on December 15 in New York City, which has included $ 100 vaccination bonus payments and other incentives, still 27.8% of the population has not received any dose.

Now, the goal is to deliver a third dose to the arm of millions of eligible people for those who completed their Pfizer and Moderna injections. AND an extra puncture for those who received the inoculation from J&J.

The rules are very clear, so far, only for specific groups that received the doses of the Pfizer drug.

“Six million residents of our city have been vaccinated so far. And that is the reason why COVID-19 has decreased. But this battle is far from over. We have more to do. Last week, the FDA committee made great strides in approving boosters for the other drugs, but we are still waiting. formal authorizations”, Indicated the municipal president.

Attention vaccinated with J&J

Last Friday the FDA recommended boosting the J&J injection, but the New York City Department of Health (DOHMH) still awaits clearer rules to activate the campaign of those who will be immediately eligible for this dose.

“We presume that New Yorkers age 18 and older, who received a single dose of J&J, will be eligible to receive the booster dose, provided they have passed the least two months after the primary dose. We are still waiting for federal protocols. ” explained DOHMH Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi.

Amid these adjustments, Anthony Fauci, the White House’s top medical adviser, acknowledged to ABC that the data showed that Johnson & Johnson likely it should have been a two dose vaccine From the beginning.

In addition, it is anticipated that CDC will eventually approve the Moderna reinforcements under similar conditions and for the same categories of individuals as approved for those injected with Pfizer.

a study published last month by the CDC concluded that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was 71% effective against hospitalization, compared to 88% from Pfizer-BioNTech and the 93% of Modern.

The City announces new ways to bring vaccination centers closer to communities. (Photo: Getty Images)

Can they be mixed?

And in the face of rumors that the booster injections could be received immediately with drugs other than those initially administered, the City’s ‘top doctor’ clarified: The FDA committee to date has only recommended a booster of the same brand that you already received.

Federal Health agencies would be analyzing more thoroughly the effectiveness of the combination of anticovid-19 products approved in the country, but so far the only official thing is that those immunized should have the expectation of receive additional protective doses, with the same drug with which they were initially inoculated.

Nevertheless, national media like CNN handled this Tuesday the version that the FDA will consider an ongoing study that shows that it does not matter which vaccine people were administered first and what booster they will receive, since “it is safe to mix the drugs to accelerate the response of the immune system, even a good answer against the Delta variant ”.

Meanwhile, the Dr. Peter Marks, the FDA’s top vaccine regulator, said “it was possible” that people were not required to take the same vaccine as a booster.

The agency would be considering adjust the language in the labels of the three licensed vaccines to indicate that providers can administer a different licensed drug.

All clear with Pfizer

The federal government has authorized and created specific recommendations for the third dose only for eligible groups who received Pfizer vaccines, provided they have received the second dose more than 6 months ago.

Eligible beneficiaries include all people over 65; people between the ages of 18 and 64 with underlying health problems and individuals between the ages of 18 and 64 who are at increased risk of COVID-19 infection due to their occupation, including those health workers and nursing home staff.

According to figures shared by DOHMH, some 168,000 New Yorkers have received reinforcements from Pfizer.

Mayor De Blasio reiterated that the City is prepared to adapt to the new terms and “recipes” of federal agencies for strengthen the immunity of New Yorkers against the coronavirus.

“We have spearheaded immunization mandates, incentives, and getting doses closer to communities to address inequities. We’ll do all of that again with the reinforcements and then later with our scope to make sure the younger New Yorkers get vaccinated ”, he concluded.

Hochul remembers the other command

Governor Kathy Hochul also recalled Tuesday her plan to further expand the immunization mandates of healthcare workers to include employees who work in Offices of Mental Health (OMH) and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).

Employees working in these settings will be required to show proof of at least one dose of coronavirus immunization by November 1. These workers already they will not have the option to receive weekly discard tests.

The state president explained that the new requirement will apply to all employees who work in psychiatric hospitals in the OMH network and to those who work in OPWDD certified specialty hospitals.

“We have an obligation to extend this guarantee to those who need to receive mental health services and special care, so we are doing that the vaccine is mandatory for all personnel working in these facilities that are under the jurisdiction of the State, ”said Hochul.

The Governor also announced the launch of a new place centralized website for New York State COVID-19 data. This website includes information as well as a reorganization of previously published data to facilitate the public access, reading and understanding.

Additionally, more COVID-19 data is now available at Health Data NY.

The first doses in NY:

  • 84% of New York City adults have received at least one dose of the vaccines approved in the country by the FDA.
  • 65.7% of the residents of the Big Apple are fully vaccinated.
  • 75% of teens 12 and older are immunized with at least one dose of Pfizer, which is the only COVID-19 drug approved for younger people.
  • 27.8% of the eligible population to be vaccinated in NYC has not received any injection against the coronavirus.
  • 26,274,749 injections against COVID-19 they have been administered throughout New York State.
  • 65.5% of eligible people throughout NY were fully vaccinated as of Tuesday.

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