Tuesday, September 21

NYC immigrants go to Biden’s ‘house’ and plant their claims with billboards demanding action

Less than a month to go Joe Biden take possession like United States’s president, and in an action that seeks to demand that the elected president comply with his promises of aid to immigrants and New York’s most vulnerable groups, activists, community leaders, and members of underserved communities went up to Wilmington, Delaware, where the democrat has his house, to express his cries.

More than 200 people from organizations The Road is Made in Action and HOUSE in Action, traveled from the Big Apple to the state of Biden, and there they put several billboards in which they made visible the claims to the future tenant of the White House.

The notices, which will remain until at least January 17, they demand immediate action on immigration, the criminal justice system, and Puerto Rico.

President, justice for immigrants means citizenship for all“,” Justice for immigrants means moratoriums on deportations and stop the reinforcement ”and“ Justice for black and Latino communities means repairing the damage of the 94 crime law, getting rid of criminalization and investment in our communities ”, are some of the messages that the immigrant advocacy groups They’re sending it to Biden on the five fences up.

The messages to the president-elect are part of the group of commitments the Democratic leader made in campaign and that the communities will be ready to verify that they comply.

In addition to the request to put a moratorium on deportations, fight for a law to grant citizenship to 11 million people, the requirements include not to forget Puerto Rico.

On this particular issue, the activists request, among other points, “to dismantle the structures of corporate greed that have made Puerto Rico’s recovery impossible; introduce legislation to abolish PROMESA and support the U.S. Territorial Relief Act of 2019, which would provide debt relief and ensure a comprehensive audit of the causes and sources of Puerto Rico’s debt, and free up disaster relief funds that have already been assigned to Puerto Rico ”.

“The immigrant, black and Latino communities helped win this election for Joe Biden. Now we urge him and his administration to work with us to quickly bring justice to our communities, ”they said Javier Valdés, executive co-director of Make the Road in Action and Gustavo Torres, president of CASA in Action.

“Our communities raise our voices in the elections, and we are attentive to the decisions of the next administration on our priority issues, such as the moratorium on deportations, stopping the route from school to jail, and the cancellation of Puerto Rico’s debt. ”, He highlighted Yaritza Mendez, another of the activists.


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