Thursday, December 9

NYC students still have a chance to enter the City’s summer camp

The educational and recreational plan will maintain biosecurity protocols against COVID-19.

Photo: Courtesy / NYC Mayoral Office

The free camp summer school enrichment ‘Summer Rising’ for any New York City student, from K through eighth grade, It already started this Tuesday. The good news is that there is still a chance so that more children continue to join.

“It is the first time that hundreds of children have the opportunity to be back in a classroom. Many parents wanted this opportunity, for their children to re-adjust to school and also have fun in this hot season. This is unprecedented and has never been done before in the history of the city, ”said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

This summer vacation plan is developed by the New York City Department of Education (DOE) and the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD).

The school population after months of facing, in some cases, months of confinement Because of the pandemic, they will go outside, have special lessons, and socialize with their peers and teachers.

This program will provide a bridge to the next school year and allow students to reconnect with each other and with their schools. Those who choose to join will receive lessons in key areas, while providing activities for recreation, exploration, art, fun and emotional support.

‘Summer Rising’ are experiences of full days and is available in all five boroughs to students in the Big Apple, including students with disabilities.

800 camps

All programs will be run by local school leaders and well-known community organizations in the different neighborhoods

“We are talking about all children being welcomed to a safe, positive and nurturing environment during the summer. Parents often have to worry about what to do in these weeks. And now they can find a good option. This is something that I think makes a lot of sense for it to be universal and available to everyone in the future ”, highlighted the Mayor in the launch of the plan from the Brooklyn Public School 6.

The City shared its preliminary registration numbers, which show that more than 200,000 students are already in their activities at all levels, in more than 800 sites in the five boroughs of the city.

For high school students, the hours of the program vary according to the characteristics of each campus, however, everyone will have the option to participate in programs of internships.

All indoor and outdoor classroom programs will follow rigorous health and safety protocols, including social distancing and the use of masks. Also, there will be random COVID-19 testing 10% of students and staff every two weeks.

You can still enroll your child!

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