Wednesday, February 28

Oakland County lifts student mask mandate; Washtenaw County could decide later Friday

The Oakland County Health Division became the most recent health department Friday to announce the lifting of its mask mandate for students.

Oakland County’s decision to lift its school mask requirement — effective Feb. 28 — came after parents from Walled Lake Consolidated Schools sent demand letters to Oakland County officials and school district leaders earlier this week seeking an end to mask mandates and the use of public funds to enforce them.

In its statement announcing the rescission of the mandate, Oakland County said its decision was driven by a “sharp decline” in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, accompanied by a high vaccination rate.

“As we see our critical measures of vaccinations, hospital admissions, and cases moving in a direction that tell us the COVID-19 impact on our community is greatly improving, the time is right to remove the mask order for daycares and educational institutions,” said Health Division Medical Director Dr. Russell Faust.

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