Tuesday, June 28

Observation of actions Week 15 Dynasty: buy, sell and maintenance of commercial advice

I was talking to one of my colleagues here at Illustrated Sports about this series of articles about the dynasty and a little about strategy. We landed on the issue of corridors and I left the point that I hardly ever change for them. I went on to say that the only way I’m acquiring running backs in the dynasty leagues is through the draft or the waiver.

This leads to the suggestion Dynasty this week. Prices runners operations are too volatile and this opinion comes from a guy who is more than happy to live and die by sudden changes in the values ​​of the players. There are some archetypes between the position: stallions (Jonathan Taylor), young veterans productive (Joe Mixon), veterans productive aging (Melvin Gordon), prone to injury (Saquon Barkley), wives (Alexander Mattison), third-PPR. (JD McKissic), parasites to the end of the race (Jordan Howard), to the following chance of injury or to the end of the season (Derrick Gore, Craig Reynolds) and better than nothing (Sony Michel, Devonta Freeman). In all cases, when they are not the type, its value is reduced. When are the boy, their value is inflated excessively.


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