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Octavio Ocaña’s sister, Bertha, still feels the actor’s presence at home

All dressed in white, it was like a hundred people gathered this Sunday to demand justice for the death of Octavio Ocana.

The contingent, in which the actor’s family was, toured several streets in the center of CDMX. They left minutes before 11:00 hours and lasted for more than an hour and a half.

They stopped in front of the National Palace to ask President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for justice for his son, and at the Monument to Fine Arts to sing the mañanitas, since this Sunday the actor would have turned 23 years old.

Nine days after his death, Octavio’s sister, Bertha, still feels his presence at home.

“It is an irreparable loss, we had a unique connection and I was completely devastated. I will be at the forefront of the legal process trying to see that justice is done as it should be.

At home he has left me some messages, he knows it’s home, that it can be there at all times. It has manifested itself in different ways, Doors open or when all is silent, certain sounds are generated“Said the sister in an interview at the end of the peaceful march.

The family’s anger over the loss is still evident; However, they indicated that they will use the legal means to make those responsible and the police who were there pay during Octavio’s last moments, especially to Lesly monroy, an alleged agent of the State of Mexico who is accused of having leaked the videos of the actor where he is observed inhaling a white powder and in another, using a pistol.

Likewise, both Bertha and Ocaña’s ex-fiancee, Nerea Godínez, denounced in networks that the policemen stole the actor’s belongings, like a watch and a 14 karat chain.

“I love women, I have three, but she (the police) does not seem like a woman because of the cruelty with which she does things, I really don’t know why she is still a police officer, she goes around making fun of us, of the people.

“For that one, I mainly want the full weight of the law, and all those who came with it,” said the father.

In recent days, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico revealed that traces of alcohol and marijuana were found in the body of the young man; They also concluded that he shot himself in the head, version that are simply not accepted by relatives.

Regarding the videos broadcast on networks, the father of the Vecinos actor clarified that they are not recent, since, he assures, Ocaña died with a beard, while in the clips he is shaved: from the second, he accepted that his son was “fine-tuning his aim ” with a gun.

“My soul is torn, I don’t pay attention to bad things because he was a child like everyone else, I pay attention to the pain of a mother, he is one more, a victim of bad people, who has no heart, who does not know what it is to lose a child“Said Octavio’s mother, Ana Lucía.

“Alfredo Del Mazo did not care about my son, nor the Prosecutor, I have nothing against them. I’m pissed off, but with the cops; with Andrés Manuel, I voted for him, he is from Tabasco, we love him, I adore him. He is going to take action on the matter, he spoke in the morning that he was going to support us, ”added Ocaña’s father.

“I raise my voice not as the father of” Benito “but as a father who has lost a child and all those who continue to happen this daily.”

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