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Odell Beckham Jr Trade Rumors: Will Browns Move OBJ Before 2021 NFL Deadline?

Sell ​​at Odell? Not quite, not yet.

It’s been a bumpy stint with the Browns since Odell Beckham arrived in 2019, with some injuries and doubts about touches and use in that span. While he’s still a productive player when healthy, something just hasn’t clicked in Cleveland with Baker Mayfield throwing passes to him since 2019.

Turning 29 in just a few weeks, and seven years after the capture that landed him to stardom, Beckham’s next act may be in his third uniform, and it could be his last and best chance to make a mark in his first time. .. promising NFL career.

Here’s the latest on Beckham’s future at The Land:

Will the Browns trade Odell Beckham Jr.?

Before the 2021 NFL trade deadline, reports indicate that Beckham will not make it to the trade block: Athletic’s Jeff Howe recently said that Beckham will not move before the trade deadline of Tuesday, November 2 .

It’s reasonable to understand why – there are a lot of bells and whistles included in a hypothetical Odell Beckham Jr. trade, so the team is highly unlikely to drop him in the next few weeks.

There are a few reasons why Beckham may not be moved:

– He is owed just under $ 10 million for the remainder of the 2021 season ($ 9.7 million), which is a figure that not many teams could absorb in a trade. As is, nine teams currently have that space available (via Spotrac) and very few are in a situation that would benefit from having Beckham on their roster.

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– The Browns have dealt with injuries to Beckham and Jarvis Landry this year, and with playoff aspirations still intact for now, they need all the outside firepower they can get. This is especially true with running backs Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb dealing with their own injuries: Chubb should be back soon, while Hunt is out.

– There’s a question of how much the Browns could get in a trade with Beckham: His value is at an all-time low given the money owed to him for the remainder of the season and recent production (1,557 yards in 26 games since arriving in Cleveland. ). Furthermore, between his current shoulder injury, a torn ACL suffered in 2020, and knee injuries in previous years, his durability as he ages will likely be a turnoff for many teams.

Where will Odell Beckham Jr. play in 2022?

One thing is almost certain: It probably won’t be in Cleveland.

Beckham’s contract is sold out and money guaranteed for the 2022 season, which means it’s likely a cut-or-trade option for the 2022 season. The Browns would be saving more than $ 15 million in cap space if They will cut it or trade it before the start of next year.

There are a few teams that could shoot Beckham if they trade or release him:

  • Two teams from the west coast, the 49ers and the Rams I could look at Beckham. The wide receiver has expressed a desire to play on the West Coast in the past, and both teams could have great needs as a wide receiver next season.
  • the Patriots they have a heavy reliance on tight ends working in midfield, but Mac Jones could use a threat on the outside.
  • the Bosses they’re on a perpetual search for another outside wide receiver, and Beckham works best within the middle route window. Getting him the ball in space could be exciting to watch for Andy Reid-Patrick Mahomes’ offense.
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