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Of Nevenkas and Meghans – Information

In the documentary, which recovers his Dantesque descent into hell, his testimony, without frills or hot cloths, returns us to a Spain that is difficult to digest. One in which silence was the most powerful weapon against women, because if they did not speak, if they did not denounce, if they did not tell their truth, it was as if their problems did not exist. And so it was. Neither gender violence, nor abuse, nor rapes, nor sexual or psychological harassment seemed to take place in that society, because social and criminal policies, the media and even the families and friends of those who suffered them, watched to the other side and by omission, they became accomplices and executioners of the victims. Because we all know that if something is not named, it does not exist.

So, if only for that, Nevenka marked a milestone in the struggle of women in our country when she decided to speak out. We owe it to her for having opened the path of ‘No es no’. Because at 26, a councilor for a conservative political party (PP) in a conservative city (Ponferrada), and devastated as she was physically and mentally after months of harassment by her mayor, Ismael Álvarez, who was twice her age and that everyone in his locality adored, he decided without raising his voice to say: enough. He did it, according to the account at the start of the program, because if not, he would die. And that feeling is so universal, there is room for so many other parallel lives, that the force it gives off is unstoppable and inspiring.

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Although that does not mean that the prejudices, misogyny or ignorance have disappeared, with which that young councilor had to fight just released the XXI century. You just have to analyze the stir caused by the interview that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, gave last week with her husband to the media mogul Oprah Winfrey. A mestizo woman denounces on television, pregnant with her second child and in an unquestionably privileged context, that she suffered racism during her stay at the British court. He assured that what he experienced during those months, in which he was also gestating a child, led him to think about taking his own life. And some of the reactions to his words lead us to think that perhaps we have not advanced so much. There have been those who have called him ‘Princess Pinocchio’, ‘ruthless careerist’ or ‘calculator’. Others have questioned his intentions, his baggage or the relevance of his statements in the midst of a global pandemic. To her, and only to her, many monarchists call her a traitor, while some defend and justify her ‘poor’ husband, whom they consider one more ‘victim’ of his ‘manipulative’ wife.

Obviously, no one expected the headlines to be that a divorced woman of color, in her late 40s, has finally ‘rescued’ Lady Di’s orphan from that toxic gold prison that cost her mother her life. We all know that fairy tales have not evolved that much. But maybe you have to keep reminding more than one that the ‘quiet, you’re prettier’ no longer sneaks. That women have found their voice by dint of losing it. And precisely for those who still do not dare to lift it, Nevenkas and Meghans are needed who, because of their education, because of the support of their environment, because they have plenty of financial resources or because of their ovaries, well, they have the courage to say: Do not.

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