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OFFICIAL! Telemundo confirmed that they are already working on the second season of “Pasión de gavilanes”

Much of the cast that will make up the second season of “Pasión de gavilanes”

Photo: Adriana Nuñez / Telemundo

After almost two decades, the original cast of the successful romantic drama “Pasión de gavilanes”, joins the new installment of this story that will premiere next year on Telemundo. The television network confirmed today the start of production of “Pasión de Gavilanes II” with the expected return of the stars of the first season: Mario Cimarro, Danna García, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Klauss and Paola Rey. Also, in this new season Zharick León, Kristina Lilley, Carmenza González and Tatiana Jauregui rejoin.

Protagonists of Pasión de gavilanes 2 / TELEMUNDO

The iconic series chronicling the passionate, yet tumultuous lives of the Reyes and Elizondo families, resumes its narrative 20 years after its last transmission. This new season is joined by the actors Bernardo Flores, Sebastián Osorio and Juan Manuel Restrepo, as well as the charismatic sons of Juan Reyes (Cimarro) and Norma Elizondo (García), and representing the new generation of ‘hawks’ that will leave its own mark in the legendary town of San Marcos.

The stellar cast is completed by a diverse and talented group composed of Sergio Goyri, Camila Rojas, Alejandro López, Yare Santana, Jerónimo Cantillo, Germán Quintero, Constanza Hernández, Ángel de Miguel, Boris Schoemann, Jacobo Montalvo, Jhonatan Bedoya, Sebastián Vega, Valeria Caicedo, Katherine Porto and Álvaro García.

After the worldwide success of the first season, we are excited to start the production of Pasión de gavilanes II and being able to reunite the original cast 20 years later to continue this wonderful story. The audience will be able to enjoy a contemporary version of this iconic story of love, betrayal and intrigue, and meet a new generation of characters that will undoubtedly awaken the same passions that lived two decades ago with the original story.”Said Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studios.

Danna García and Mario Cimarro meet again in “Pasión de gavilanes 2” / TELEMUNDO

“Passion of Hawks”, one of the most popular series on Telemundo, tells the unforgettable story of Juan, Oscar and Franco Reyes, three brothers who pose as farm workers to infiltrate the life of the Elizondo family and avenge the death of their sister. However, the resentment dissipated over time as he fell in love with the Elizondo sisters, putting his plan of revenge and family ties to the test.

Now 20 years later the hawks will be forced to face new challenges that threaten their family. A tragic crime involving the death of a teacher shakes the family as evidence points to the children of one of the couples as possible culprits, triggering a series of heartbreaking events that, again, will test your love and loyalty.

Filmed entirely in Colombia, “Pasión de gavilanes II ”is an original Telemundo production written by Julio Jiménez González and Iván Martínez Lozano, and directed by Rodrigo Triana, Sergio Osorio and Camilo Vega, with Marcos Santana, Karen Barroeta and Harold Sánchez, from Telemundo, and Clara María Ochoa and Ana Piñeres, from CMO, as executive producers. The first season of Pasión de Gavilanes premiered in 2003, becoming one of the most successful series for the chain, with distribution in more than 120 international markets.

Bernardo Flores, Sebastián Osorio and Juan Manuel Restrepo join Pasión de gavilanes 2 as the new generation of ‘gavilanes’ / TELEMUNDO

As a prelude to the long-awaited second season of Pasión de gavilanes that will arrive next year, viewers can relive the iconic story of the Reyes brothers from Monday to Friday at 1 PM/12c, on Telemundo, through the Telemundo app (available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store), the by


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