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Officials Extremadura: You can now consult the lists of those admitted to the latest oppositions of the SES

Those excluded have ten business days to claim. There are 429 vacancies for administrative assistant, caretaker, clerk and ironer, to which more than 30,400 people aspire

Maria Fernandez

The provisional lists of admitted and excluded to the last oppositions convened by the SES can already be consulted. The call offers 429 places in the categories of administrative assistant, caretaker, clerk and ironer to which more than 30,400 people aspire. The Official Gazette of Extremadura publishes this Wednesday the corresponding resolutions, which also explains the process that applicants who want to claim must follow.

The lists can be consulted on the SES Personnel Selection portal ( Interested parties have a period of ten working days from tomorrow to correct electronically the errors that have motivated the exclusion. To access the platform, the electronic DNI or digital certificate is essential; In no case will the delivery of paper claims be accepted.

Once on the portal, click on ‘My requests’ and then on ‘Opposition requests’. Double-click on the request in question in this box to check the status of the requirements. The defects to be corrected will appear in the list. To correct them, click on the ‘+’ button in the section for correction and once the icon is pressed, a form will appear with the information on the code, the description of the error and the instructions for correcting it, as well as an explanatory comment on the error. revision.

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In ‘Type of correction’, the interested party must add new supporting documentation (they must first upload it to the web in the ‘My documentation’ section, within ‘My Profile’) or else waive the requirement.

If the exclusion defect is not corrected within the established period, the candidate will be definitively excluded from the process. If the interested party has doubts, they can view the video tutorial entitled ‘Requirements correction’, which is available in the Help section, in the main menu of the portal.

Once the form is created, it must be signed digitally. Then, you have to proceed with the payment (if applicable) and later, register it electronically, as was done with the registration application.

According to what is established in the rules of the call, failure to submit the application in the established manner, failure to pay exam fees within the deadline and submitting the application after the deadline are insurmountable grounds for exclusion.

This call for employment for the Extremadura Health Service was published on December 22, offers 429 positions and has received 30,404 requests. Others are added to this: at the beginning of November, 922 nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacy, veterinary and technical positions were announced, to which 17,748 candidates applied; and last October the call for 595 places for doctors and graduates in Health Sciences was published, to which 3,120 people have applied.

In sum, the SES has received more than 51,200 applications to appear in oppositions.

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