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Ohio cancer survivor died after contracting COVID-19 from a friend who hid the diagnosis from him

Bartolovich was hooked up to an oxygen ventilator, but died on December 21.

Bartolovich was hooked up to an oxygen ventilator, but died on December 21.

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An octogenarian woman from Ohio who survived cancer died of COVID-19 after contracting the virus from an infected friend who concealed the diagnosis from him to play cards at a social gathering, reported the family of the deceased.

Barb Bartolovich, 82, who survived blood cancer (leukemia), was vaccinated and took precautions to avoid catching the virus, reported WXYZ.

However, despite trying not to socialize en masse, he decided to meet with friends to play cards and previously asked them if they were vaccinated, receiving an affirmative response from all, but his family stated that one of them lied.

“Someone decided that testing positive for COVID-19 is something that can be hidden,” Lauren Nash, Bartolovich’s granddaughter, told WXYZ. “The only way we found out was because the person confessed after ‘Nana’ got sick.”

Bartolovich, who left four children and 10 grandchildren, She was hospitalized and connected to a lung ventilator, but died on December 21., indicated the medical report.

“She was everything to everyone. Like everyone says, if you knew Barb, you were loved. They took her too soon, ”added Nash, who is motivated to spread a message about the importance of security measures against the pandemic virus.

“Not worth it. It’s not worth knowing that you hurt someone. You potentially hurt someone, or you killed someone because you want to go out and have fun, ”Nash stressed. “I am horrified by where we are and what is happening, because we have not taken people’s lives into account “.

Bartolovich had lost her husband, Frank “Moose” Bartolovich, in 2014 and appreciated her role as wife, mother and grandmother, according to her obituary, which was published in WKBN.

“A little firecracker. Barbara was always eager to go to family gatherings, vacations, and impromptu outings. She was their support system throughout life and taught them many lessons, “noted the obituary, which stated that Bartolovich’s motto was:”There is nothing so bad in life that it cannot be fixed “.

She added the obituary that her grandchildren considered her a “great and funny” person, and described her who knew her was loved by her, and being loved by Barbara was the “most special feeling in the world.”

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