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Ohio State vs. Oregon final result, results: Ducks score big win in Buckeyes upset

No. 12 Oregon completed a shocking upset with a 35-28 victory over No. 3 Ohio State.

After a slow first quarter, the Ducks quickly built up offensive momentum with running back CJ Verdell. He scored two nearly identical touchdowns in the second quarter and allowed Oregon to hit the first hit. Verdell added another touchdown in the third quarter and totaled 161 yards on 20 carries. Ohio State retaliated with a pair of touchdown passes to wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba, but Stroud’s struggles kept the Buckeyes from taking the lead.

With that, Sporting News has you covered with live updates and highlights from Oregon vs. Ohio State in Columbus:

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Score for Ohio State vs. Oregon

Q1 Q2 Third trimester Fourth trimester Old Testament F
State of ohio 7 7 14 28
Oregon 14 14 7 35

Ohio State vs. Oregon Final Result, Highlights

Final: Oregon 35, Ohio State 28

3:50: Ohio State fails to complete a scoring series, and the Buckeyes put the Ducks down when time runs out. This loss marks the Buckeyes’ first at home since 2017.

3:48: When the Ducks run out of time on their last possession, they decide to plant a kick at the 10-yard line. The Buckeyes will have about 20 seconds to score.

3:46: Stroud struggles in the pocket, and the Ducks’ Verone McKinley intercepts to give Oregon possession at his own 35-yard line with less than three minutes remaining.

3:45: Brandon Swinson makes the first catch of the game, pushing the Buckeyes back another eight yards per second attempt.

3:43: Ohio State recovers Oregon’s punt and takes possession at the 28-yard line with just under five minutes remaining. Stroud completes tight end Jeremy Ruckert for a first down.

3:38: Ducks linebacker Noah Sewell takes a big punch at Olave, and he was checked for aim. The officials established that there was no foul on the play.

3:35: CJ Stroud does a 10-yard dash to complete the Buckeyes’ first try. A call on hold against the Buckeyes puts them back on second chance.

3:32: The Buckeyes regain punt and start at their own 29. CJ Stroud starts the series with a 22-yard pass to Smith-Njigba, giving Ohio State a first down at the 49-yard line.

3:31: Ohio State makes a great save on third down 12 as Brown throws the ball over the sideline and forces another change of possession.

3:22 AM: STATE OF TOUCHDOWN OHIO. Jaxon Smith-Njigba makes Stroud’s catch on fourth down and takes it into the end zone for his second touchdown of the day. The Buckeyes make it a one-score game again, but Oregon leads Ohio state 35-28.

3:16: Olave completes an impressive pass from Stroud that allows a 34-yard gain for the Buckeyes, placing them at 29th for the Ducks. After approaching the sideline, it is reported that Olave is being taken care of.

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3:09: TOUCHDOWN OREGON. Tight end Moliki Matavo completes a 20-yard pass into the end zone to extend his lead over the Buckeyes once again. Lewis does the extra kick for the Ducks and pushes the Oregon lead 35-21.

3:00: STATE OF TOUCHDOWN OHIO. Treveyon Henderson runs into the end zone after an aggressive attack from the Buckeyes. Ruggles kicks the extra point, knocking down Ohio State a score of 28-21.

Third quarter: Oregon 28, Ohio State 14

2:52: CJ Stroud completes a pass to Jaxon Smith-Njigba to end the third quarter, allowing the Buckeyes to start the fourth from the Ducks’ 44-yard line.

2:50: At third down and 10, Anthony Brown attempted a pass to catcher Kris Huston, but was thrown into the air and nearly caught by Troy Franklin. The Ducks will kick with seconds remaining in the third quarter, keeping their advantage 28-14.

2:43: CJ Stroud attempts a pass to Olave, but Ducks’ DJ James kicks the ball away to score an incomplete. The Buckeyes will force their third fumble at the 11-yard line, with just over two minutes remaining in the third quarter.

2:35: TOUCHDOWN OREGON. Travis Dye runs into the end zone from the five-yard line to complete another successful 75-yard scoring drive for Anthony Brown. Lewis does the extra kick to give Oregon a comfortable 28-14 lead.

2:15 AM: STATE OF TOUCHDOWN OHIO. Jaxon Smith-Njigba completes a 20-yard pass from Stroud and runs into the end zone to get the Buckeyes back on the run. The Buckeyes finally gain some offensive momentum, completing the seven-play series in about three minutes. Ruggles makes the extra point, but the Chestnut trees are still down 21-7.

2:15: Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave gain some momentum for Ohio State’s offense, and both complete passes from Stroud for the first down.

2:09: TOUCHDOWN OREGON. CJ Verdell makes his third touchdown of the game for a 77-yard breakaway into the end zone. Lewis makes an extra point to help Oregon extends its lead 21-7 over the Buckeyes.

2:05: Mycah Pittman makes the kickoff recovery for Oregon to start the second half, and steps down to the 15-yard line for the Ducks to gear up.

Half time: Oregon 14, Ohio State 7

1:42: Oregon punts again and gives Ohio State a chance to make a quick run down the field with less than 30 seconds left at the half.

1:39: Mycah Pittman makes a 23-yard reception to bring the Ducks inside the 20-yard line. A flag on the play is called for to keep the offense going, pushing the Ducks back to the 46-yard line for second down and 20.

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1:34: The Ducks’ Noah Sewell makes a great save over Miyan Williams, forcing a fumble on the downs to give the Ducks the first down at 39. Oregon leads Buckeyes 14-7 .

1:28: CJ Stroud completes Olave on the sideline third down, and the play is under review. Officials confirmed the reception call, and Ohio State will go for it in 4th time and 2 from the 39-yard line.

1:26: Embuka returns the kick for the Buckeyes, forcing Ohio State to start at its own 19-yard line.

1:24: TOUCHDOWN OREGON. CJ Verdell hits another 14-yard catch into the end zone to put the Ducks in front. Lewis makes the extra point to give Oregon leads 14-7 with just under five minutes left in the middle.

1:18: Brown catches catcher Kris Huston. The Ducks take a timeout before starting on the first down at the Buckeyes’ 22-yard line.

1:16: Noah Ruggles of the Buckeyes forces the kickoff out of bounds, allowing Oregon to start at his own 35-yard line.

1:12: STATE OF TOUCHDOWN OHIO. CJ Stroud completes a 27-yard pass for Garrett Wilson to run into the end zone. The Buckeyes make the extra point for tie the score at 7-7.

1:10: CJ Stroud completes for a 15-yard gain, allowing the Buckeyes to enter field goal territory.

1:08: Snee kicks the ball for 44 yards, and the Buckeyes’ Garrett Wilson makes the catch. He nearly lost control of the ball before landing at Ohio State’s 30-yard line. Ducks lead 7-0.

1:03: Both Oregon and Ohio State take third-yard timeouts on third down and eight. Brown makes the play to tight end Cam McCormick for a 16-yard gain, giving Oregon the ball at the 22-yard line. McCormick went down with a suspected injury after the play.

12:54: Verone McKinley makes another save to cause a Garret Wilson incomplete, forcing Ohio State to clear the ball. Ducks will start from their own yard line.

12:51: McKinley forces Embuka to drop the ball on the return kick, nearly allowing the Oregon offense to regain possession. Ohio State starts at the 36 yard down 7-0 to the ducks .

12:45 PM: TOUCHDOWN OREGON. CJ Verdell rushes into the end zone for 14 yards to give the Ducks their first scoring drive. Camden Lewis makes the extra point for give Oregon a 7-0 lead. The Ducks drove 99 yards down the field for the first time in 10 plays.

First quarter: Ohio State 0, Oregon 0

12:40: Brown makes another pass to CJ Verdell for a 20-yard gain, forcing a first down at Ohio State’s 39-yard line.

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12:38: Anthony Brown completes a 19-yard pass to Devon Williams to give the Ducks a first down at the 42-yard.

12:33: Rather than going for the field goal from the Ducks’ 34, the Buckeyes punched to give Oregon the first down on its own one-yard line.

12:32: Ducks safety Verone McKinley makes another defensive play to prevent Cade Stover from catching the Buckeyes on the second down.

12:28: Stroud does a 14-yard dash to make the first try. He takes a hit while heading out of bounds, with a penalty against the Ducks’ Dontae Manning to force a 15-yard penalty and a first down for the Buckeyes.

12:22: Miyan Williams runs the ball for a four-yard gain to give the Buckeyes the first try.

12:16: Oregon punter Tom Snee places the ball within the Ohio State 5-yard line.

12:08: Stroud throws down the middle and fails to complete on 31 for the Ducks, forcing the ball to turn on downs. Stroud completed 4 of 6 passes for 25 yards on the first drive.

12:06: CJ Stroud throws Jaxon Smith-Njigba high. Buckeyes in his favor at 4 and 7.

12:00: Oregon wins the coin toss and chooses to defer, Ohio State will start with the ball.

Ohio vs. Oregon start time

  • Kick off: 7:30 pm ET | 4:30 pm Pacific Time

The start of Ohio State vs. Oregon is scheduled for noon ET on Saturday, September 11.

How to watch Ohio State vs. Oregon

Ohio State vs. Oregon will air live on Fox, beginning at noon ET. You can stream the game online with Fox.com or on fuboTV, offering a free seven-day trial .

Gus Johnson (play-by-play) and Joel Klatt (analysis) will call on arrival from the booth, with Jenny Taft acting as band reporter.

2021 Ohio State Soccer Schedule

Date Adversary
September 5 Ohio State 45, Minnesota 31
11 of September vs. No. 12 Oregon
September 18 against Tulsa
September 25th against Akron
October 2nd at Rutgers
October 9 against Maryland
October 23 in indiana
30th of October vs. No. 11 Penn State
November 6th in nebraska
November 13 against Purdue
November 20 against the state of Michigan
November 27 in Michigan

2021 Oregon Soccer Schedule

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11 of September in the N. Ohio State # 3
September 18 against stony stream
September 25th against Arizona
October 2nd at Stanford
October 15th against Cal
October 23 in the N. UCLA # 16
30th of October vs. Colorado
November 6th in Washington
November 13 against the state of Washington
November 20 in the N. Utah 20
November 27 against the state of Oregon


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