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Older people also play and spend more than 130 million euros a year

Just look at last year’s data. While toy sales in general fell by 7% in Spain, to 929 million euros, those of the “kidult” segment grew by 12%, to exceed 130 million euros, according to data provided byr NPG Group, the reference consultancy in the sector.

Figures from franchises such as Star Wars, Funkos and board or construction games are the most successful


In this way, this group already accounts for 14% of all toys sold in the country, three points more than the previous year. And the figure will go even higher, if one takes into account that in countries like the United Kingdom this category already represented more than a quarter of the market three years ago.

“In other times, adults would never have gone to buy toys for themselves, but nowadays there is a growing group of young and old who turn to them as a form of entertainment,” says the Institute’s R&D director. of the Toy (Aiju), Maria Costa, which points out that, during the pandemic, it has also been a way of “releasing the stress caused by confinement.”

Among this audience, board games of all kinds are the star: role-playing, strategy or simply to have a laugh with friends, such as Pictionary. To these we must add the puzzles and Lego-type construction games. In fact, the toymakers themselves are increasingly aware of the weight of these “kidults” in their sales and already focus a part of their products on this type of user.

And it is not just recreations of ships of «Star Wars» or scenarios of “Game of Thrones”. Block makers launch ranges to build floral centerpieces or simulate bonsai to decorate the shelf.

Another of the categories that prevail almost as much among adults as among children are the action figures of characters from all kinds of movies and comics, as well as the popular Funkos, dolls with disproportionate heads that have been rampaging for several years. Even the traditional ones dolls pelonas have found their adult version with the hyper-realistic babies that many women buy, as the Aiju expert recalls. “You don’t have to stay with the idea that they are just geeks, it’s a much broader phenomenon,” says Costa.

Along the same lines, during the last year, products purchased with “multiple recipients” also grew strongly, by 29%, that is, those that are bought for play as a family, according to NPD.

More sale online

On the other hand, the consulting firm’s data also confirms the enormous push that companies have received online toy sales, that last year they already added 36% of all the turnover of the sector, after growing 47% as a result of the pandemic.

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