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“Olga was pure joy, it is horrible that they killed her and threw them into the ditch”

GEAS agents, during the rescue of the corpse

GEAS agents, during the rescue of the corpse
Civil Guard

Those who knew Olga Pardo, the 43-year-old woman whose body was found in a ditch in Massarrojos last Tuesday after being allegedly strangled, coincide in highlighting her cheerful and outgoing character, which made her get along with everyone. “It beat you right away that you knew her,” says a friend of the victim and hence no one in her environment explains who might have reasons to kill her. “But if he didn’t get along with anyone, how could he have enemies?“They regret. The only clue at the moment that the investigators of the Homicide group of the Civil Guard have are the alleged threats that he would have received from some women from La Malva-rosa just before all contact with him was lost. her.

Olga, currently without children and without a partner, lived for a little over a year in a rented room in a flat in the Valencian district of La Torre. Her roommate was the last person to see her alive last Saturday morning. According to his version, when he left at 9 a.m., Olga slept in the house and did not have contact with her again until the evening, by phone. In this call the witness assures that She was not very lucid and that she was possibly under the influence of some drug. It is he who places her at that time in the Malva-rosa neighborhood, according to Olga.

That same morning, already Sunday, from the victim’s phone, which has not been located, there are missed calls to another friend and messages in which he asks for help because he has had problems with some women from this neighborhood of Valencia, who supposedly they would have threatened her.

From there, Olga’s trace is lost, until three days after her disappearance, last Tuesday, a farmer found her body sunk in a ditch in the Massarrojos district. Agents of the Special Group for Underwater Activities (GEAS) of the Civil Guard rescued his body. After a first visual inspection, the coroner did not appreciate external signs of violence on the body that pointed to a homicide. However, in the autopsy performed at the Valencia Institute of Legal Medicine, the forensics found internal neck injuries consistent with strangulationHence, the case turned upside down and since then the investigations have focused on trying to locate the author or authors of his death.

Although the autopsy is not conclusive and is still being waiting for more tests, as toxicological and histopathological, the court of Valencia that has taken charge of the case is already working under the premise of a death of homicidal etiology. Likewise, the investigators manage that the crime occurred in a different place than the one where the body was found and that the body was transferred there and thrown into the ditch.

I worked in a downtown hotel

On the same day that Olga’s lifeless body was found, her sister was filing a complaint for her disappearance at a National Police station. The roommate of the disappeared woman had warned her that when she returned home, after a few days outside of Valencia, she had verified that Olga was not there and that all her personal belongings were there.

Olga’s body was delivered this Friday to her relatives, who will watch over her body in the morgue on Tarongers avenue in Valencia until she is buried at 12:30 pm today in the municipal cemetery. Previously, at 11:15 a.m. a funeral mass is scheduled at this same funeral home.

The woman was very dear and leaves countless friends and a family broken by her loss. “Olga was pure joy, it is horrible that they killed her and threw them into the ditch,” laments a close friend. ‘Scorpina’, nickname by which she was also known in reference to her horoscope, had worked for years as a chambermaid in a hotel in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de València. “It was a mess in the best sense of the word, she liked to party, have fun all together, it was the joy of the group “, recalls this friend.” Sometimes she had her moments of downfall like everyone else, but she was unique and a great friend, we just want to know who has been and that justice be done for his death. ”


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