Wednesday, January 20

Oltra: “Confinement is not a scenario that can be ruled out”

Oltra at the press conference after the plenary session of the Consell

Oltra at the press conference after the plenary session of the Consell

The vice president of the Valencian Government, Mónica Oltra, has recognized today that some councilors raised in the last interdepartmental commission the possibility of pissue to the Central Executive the partial confinement of the Valencian Community, but he has assured that “finally it was not considered that it was something that at this moment had to be done”, to add that “it is not a scenario that can be ruled out.

After the press conference after the plenary session of the Consell, Mónica Oltra assured that “there was not a great debate either” in the interdepartmental and has once again framed the differences with their partners (PSPV and Unides Podem) in the different views common in a coalition government.

Yes you have admitted that several councilors put on the table the possibility of requesting a confinement similar to that of the first state of alarm, in the weeks it was possible to go out to work and study.

The vice president has trusted that the Government will weigh the situation of each community and make decisions based on its evolution, since the state of alarm remains in effect until May. “When it reaches the conclusion that more forceful measures must be taken, it will take them the same as in March, we already have a precedent,” he guaranteed.

But he has insisted that “the attitude and responsibility of each one is fundamental” and has asked “to limit life to essential and indispensable issues” such as working, studying or stocking up on the basic elements. “At this moment, each one of us is the vaccine,” he asserted.

And he has insisted, before the last request of Podemos for a home confinement, that the Generalitat makes decisions based on the situation. So, “Nothing is ruled out because one of the lessons we have learned from this pandemic is that it is difficult to rule out anything” and “you can’t make plans for even a week because the scenery changes every day.”

He has also reiterated that he does not see it as divergences, but as “matters where different people think differently”, and has given as an example that it was “one of the first” in agree with the deputy secretary of the PSPV, Manolo Mata, in his criticism of the reception of the Magi in Valencia. “When one is right, one is right. In the end, when there are different views, neither should citizens be treated as if they were a minor or had no knowledge,” he has defended, and has advocated treating these differences “with normality. democracy that implies precisely political pluralism, one of the highest principles of the Constitution. ”

In addition, Oltra has communicated that the Community currently has 150 homes for the elderly vaccinated, practically half of the covid-free healthcare network, and expects to “steadily” increase the rate, maintaining punctures also on Sundays. This Friday starts the vaccination of the Primary Care health workers.

Once the vaccination of the residences without infected is finished, that of the centers will begin depending on the level of infections (from less to more), thanks to the 30,000 doses received of the Pzifer vaccine. To these will be added another 50,000 from Moderna between January and February, although “they will probably not arrive at the same time,” he said.

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