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Oltra saves the obstacles with Ciudadanos and opens to the budget agreement

The vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, yesterday.  efe

The vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, yesterday. efe

“It will not be difficult to reach agreements.” With these words, the vice president of the Consell, Monica Oltra, yesterday cleared one of the pitfalls that at first glance could condition to a greater extent the support of Ciudadanos (Cs) to the 2021 budgets, in the final stretch for the approval of the accounts. Although the negotiations aimed at a comprehensive pact are progressing at a good pace, in the ranks of the orange formation they expected to find one of the main obstacles in the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies, more specifically in an amendment still to be drafted through which Cs will ask to expand the places of residences through public-private collaboration.

A priori, the initiative collides with Equality’s commitment to loosening the burden of the concert scheme inherited from the PP. Oltra, however, was conciliatory, saw no problem in accepting the proposal and sent the ball back to the Citizens’ roof.

The Equality minister, who said she was not in favor of the red lines in political negotiations, considered the demand coherent and admitted that “there is a lack of residential places” in a system in which the weight of the private sector continues to be “much greater” than that of the public part. “It is something that has to be balanced”Oltra stressed, before defending the policy of concerts and public contracting carried out by his department to “put order” in residences “with legal contracts, not like those that existed in the past.”

Although we will have to wait to know the fine print of the Cs initiative to see to what extent the vice president is willing to modify her accounts – which reinforce, above all, the items destined to the construction of public residences – the truth is that yesterday Oltra agreed with President Ximo Puig in underlining the importance of the 2021 budget Get by “with the greatest possible support.” An experience, that of the agreement with Ciudadanos, which Compromís has already staged this week together with its PSPV government partners at the Valencia City Council. The photo could be exported to the Cortes, despite the reluctance it arouses in Unides Podem.

Oltra, yes, yesterday reproached Toni Cantó for “a bit contradictory” behavior for presenting an amendment to the entirety against the Accompaniment Law that determines the income of the budgets (and the tax increases) when, in the part of the expenditure of the accounts, has “so many proposals.” “To have a good budget for investments and expenses, you also need a good budget for income,” he said.

“I have never disagreed with the Consell”

To questions from journalists, the leader also had to comment on the discomfort expressed by some of her government partners for making public their differences with the decisions taken in health matters or with the way in which the regional budgets are drawn. This is the case of the second vice president, Rubén Martínez Dalmau, who in À Punt recalled that, as spokesperson for the Consell, he speaks on behalf of the entire Consell. Mónica Oltra stepped up to claim her neutrality and took refuge in the fact that she has never disagreed with the agreements adopted by the executive in their weekly appearances to explain the affairs of the plenary session. The vice president suggested that, if a “comparative analysis” were made of their neutrality and that of any spokesperson for the autonomous community or the central government, the results would be “very revealing.”

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