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Oltra sees the images of the protests in support of Hasél as “worrying” and trusts that the central government will investigate it

Images of the clashes in Valencia.

Images of the clashes in Valencia.
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The vice-president of the Generalitat, Mónica Oltra, has described the images of the street protests that began after the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel, which have included clashes between security forces and protesters in Valencia, as “worrying” and has been convinced that the central government, which is “the competent institution” will carry out the “timely investigations“and will obtain the” corresponding conclusions. ”

The spokeswoman for the Valencian Executive, during her appearance after the plenary session of the Consell, has been asked about the Botànic’s opinion on the protests. In this regard, he admitted that this matter had been discussed at the meeting held this morning, although he recalled that the reflections of the Consell in this framework “are secrets “. However, he wanted to reflect and pointed out that, as an agent of the National Police said, after what happened in Linares, the fundamental role of the police is”guarantee the rights and freedoms of all citizens“.

Along these lines, Oltra has considered that children and adolescents should be able to educate “in the culture of freedom, non-violence, peaceful coexistence and the exercise of their own rights with respect for the rights of others” , and not in “the culture of fear, and less to those people who should protect them.”

“When a person is in a situation where his safety is in danger, he cannot have been educated in fear of the police, but on the contrary. He must be very sure that he is the one to go to because they are going to protect him,” he said. affirmed the vice president.

During the plenary session, the second vice president, Rubén Martínez Dalmau, defended the right to demonstrate and freedom of expression, and argued that a government such as the Botànic cannot tolerate any type of violence towards citizens. According to a statement from Podem, Martínez Dalmau has also denounced police abuses against the protesters, including the one suffered by the trustee of this formation in the Cortes, Pilar Lima.

Asked if the entire Consell has shared the vice president’s reflection, Oltra said that she does not any member of a democratic government who does not agree with the defense of constitutional rightsIt would be outside of democracy and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Regarding whether he believes that the Police facilitated or impeded those rights, he has indicated that it is not the responsibility of the Consell to decide that, but that the institution that has the competencies will have to do it, which is the Government.

Regarding the requests of resignation of the Government Delegate in the Community, Gloria Calero, has said that “it is something that the Consell has not dealt with and is not within its competence”, and has stated that each party is free to ask for the explanations or political responsibilities it considers.

He has also referred to a message from the leader of Citizens in the Valencian Community, Toni Cantó, in which he asked to remove Podemos and Compromís from the institutions, to affirm that it is “a practical example of freedom of expression“, which entitles Cantó to say those things” without disturbance. ”

Regarding the agglomerations of people that take place in these demonstrations, he has recognized that from the point of view of the pandemic, it is contraindicated, but always “the exercise of fundamental rights must be weighed, which is what is being exercised in this case”.

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