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Olympic Games. The direct request for a hand that sweetens the defeat of ‘Flaca’ Belén Pérez

  • The coach of the Argentine fencing team proposed to the sablista while she attended to the press after her elimination

  • The emotional surprise ended with tears and a ‘yes, I want’ that has been begged since 2010

Each edition of the Olympic Games gives off the passion of the most sports fans. Especially those who compete in the Olympic event: both athletes and coaches live this unique experience to the fullest, which for many is the first in their life. On Monday night, one of the coaches of the Argentine fencing team took advantage of the elimination of Maria Belén Pérez Maurice, your partner, to ask you in a very original way, if she wanted to marry him.

The lack of a giant screen and cheering cheers in the stadium dampened the proposal a bit, but the cameras were there: the Argentine fencer Belén Pérez Maurice received an announcement from his coach while I was live talking to the television. Moments after the sablista was eliminated from the JJOO of Such, her coach wanted to make a dramatic lunge at the matter, and showed a handwritten sign that read: ‘Flaca, do you want to marry me? Please’.

“They (the press) told me to turn around, and he had the letter. I forgot everything. I was like, ‘My God'” related the Argentine, who burst into tears. The Olympic team coach and partner for 17 years, Lucas Guillermo Saucedo, he tried again after his failed proposal of 2010 in the Fencing World Championship.

Fortunately for Saucedo, this time he said yes. “We are very happy. We are very good partners. Of course, we have fights, but we enjoy each other’s time. We love each other very much and we want to spend our lives together.” the sablista finished.

The world number 27 was left out of her third Olympic adventure, after a 15-12 loss to the Hungarian Anna marton in the Makuhari Messe Room of Such. Of course, the honeymoon will have to wait: the couple cannot immediately leave the Olympic villagea due to Covid-19 restrictions. “Let’s celebrate in Buenos Aires with a great barbecue “, announced the fiancées, pending to fly to Argentina.

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Elimination, key

“I wrote on paper at the time,” he explained. “If she had won, no, she would have waited for the moment” he recounted Saucedo, who decided to propose again on Monday morning and asked an Olympic volunteer on site for a sheet of paper to write his proposal down. The volunteer first refused, but agreed after Saucedo offered to exchange an Olympic pin for the newspaper.


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