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Omar Montes explains what happened in the act that the Police evicted

An image of Omar Montes.

An image of Omar Montes.

After starring in one of the controversies of the week by having to be evicted by the police from the solidarity act in which he was acting as the Magician King with Kiko Rivera Kiko Riveraand Luis Rollandn, Omar Montes has returned from Marbella and, on board a scooter and showing off his ironic sense of humor, the artist has clarified what happened and has joked with the hurdle jump of Isa Pantoja to visit her mother inCantora.

Thus, making the reporter run around the entire train station while Omar was comfortably on his electric scooter, the singer explained that he attended the charity event without charging and that, if he had known what he was going to get involved in for failing to meet the capacity, I would have gone: “I went selflessly because of this COVID situation that we are experiencing, you know, to cheer the children, who are not to blame, the Kings. We went there to give the children gifts without charging. I would have stayed in Madrid with my son and would have won the same. But well, you know how I am with the children and in the end, look at where the story came from “.

“Atfirst, theyre weren’t so many people. Atfirst, theyy did well, but it is known that later there were a lot of peoplebuying, andd they started to crowd when they saw Kiko, me and Fani delivering the gifts. Suddenly people who were shopping in the mall began to queue and I think that was the problem, that there was not enough security, “he said.

Furthermore, Omar has made it clear that the human avalanche was not his fault: “I am not a snitch and I do not like to blame anyone. I would rather keep the blame than to blame anyone. I am Omar Montes. And who does not like the way I act, who does not follow me. They have told me in a disinterested way, without charging a single euro, to go give gifts for the children who have the least possibilities to give them gifts and I do. People on the street appreciate it, because the street loves me. And then they do the ‘performance’ and I look bad at the end because there have been manypeople, andd they perform the performance. But I am happy because I have made many children happy ”

Smiling, Omar has again poked fun at Asraf’s “musical career”: “I’m going to make a playlist with Asraf songs for the gray days. The playlist will have half of Mana songs and half Asraf songs for the saddest days that I have.”

Without wanting to talk about how Isabel Pantoja is feeling because of the war she has with her son Kiko, the artist has joked about Isa Pantoja jumping over the fence to visit her mother inCantora: “She went to school with Spiderman. We have the true tricks of the avengers to be able to enter all the places, but I would not jump. I do it underground. ”

Confirming that he has congratulated Isabel Pantoja on the year, Omar has dropped that thecordilleraa has not responded: “The woman will answer when she has time and can.”

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